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World of Warships – 0.6.0 Patch Q&A

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Tercept for compiling all this information under one post.

Source: World of Warships Reddit & Wargaming Twich


Q: More Giant Torpedo Plushies when?

A: No answer. (Not responsible for them)

Q: BB Catapult Fighter time changes

A: Most players didn’t use it as a temporary tool, most used it to spot Torpedoes so it was changed so they only were launched when needed for defence

Q: Radio Location rational

A: Original ideas was to give players a tool for some scenarios (hunting DDs) Late game information when you don’t know where the remaining enemy is. Going to monitor how often the skill is chosen. Don’t expect it to be popular on live server. Useful to locate ships in smoke.

Q: VMF Split for Soviet DDs

A: Concept to split into two different styles (DD Leader vs DDs)

  • DD Leader deal more damage, less concealment
  • DD line will be more like classic DDs+

Q: Preventive Maintenance

A: Affects modules that can be temp broken, main guns, torps, rudder, engine Not Secondaries or AA mounts

Q: Plans for clan wars etc..?

A: Clan v Clan is not planned right now (still in stage 1) No more details other than available in 2017 video, 3 stages planned:

  • Bonuses for playing together
  • Clan v Clan
  • Metagame: Alliances, diplomacy etc…

Q: Does Adrenaline rush affect secondaries

A: No. It was the original design but didn’t make it this patch planned to affect secondaries in a later patch

Q: Dog fighting expert how/when does it work

A: Tier 1 CV skill that works well on low tier CVs Added bonus to ammo to make it useful at higher tiers

Q: 0.6.0 major nerf to IJN DDs?

A: Line is different from old gameplay (torp spam) Players are having a hard time adjusting to new meta/gameplay Monitoring stats post patch Wants all lines to be playable

Q: Is AP less useful because of the new HE skill (IFHE)?

A: Not a replacement for AP. Meant for specific playstyles and calibres

Q: USN Cruisers balance?

A: They have better AP and pen angles They have performance issues mostly stemming from Pensacola Sub_Octavian personally doesn’t think NO, Baltimore and DM needs a buff Line split is an option to improve the line

Q: Is there a bug with RN smoke?

A: This is a case where community helps improve the game Mechanics is not clear to the players and will be fixed “Intention will be changed” Scheduled to be changed/fixed

Q: What should RN cruisers choose for commander skills?

A: Priority Target, Jack of All Trades, Superintendent, Vigilance, Basic Firing Training, AFT, CE

Q: Reason for increasing captain retraining cost?

A: Logical because of elite xp and more options

Q: BBs nerfed because of IFHE?

A: No, HE will do only 1/3 or 1/6 of alpha damage depending on saturation No expectancy of it being overpowered

Q: When are replays coming?

A: Not scheduled for the next few patches, maybe 2017

Q: Shimakaze, is it OP, UP, balanced?

A: Monitoring IJN gameplay, know community feels it is unpopular beleives it is due to shifting meta/gameplay players overlook primary guns because of their faults (slow speed etc..) is being investigated

Q: Balance between USN/IJN CVs?

A: Whole class has problems which community has pointed out First thing to fix is UI After UI, balancing load-outs and planes, no timetable available

Q: Kitikami

A: Don’t want to give it away to everyone, don’t want to sell it Has a huge impact on game no plans to reintroduce the ship

Q: Lazy Login?

A: Feature that helps new players adjust to the game

Q: IJN DDs appear to be balanced based of having captain skills, is this true?

A: Difficult question, balanced based on available skills, modules, skills, anything available to the ship.

Q: Why limit clans to 30 for WoWs instead of 100?

A: Know clans need more space. Going to add a way to increase space Why 30? for scaling purposes

Q: Survivability Expert nerfed, why?

A: Doesn’t seem like a nerf since it is more accessible by making it cheaper and rebalancing

Q: Depot when?

A: Dasha teased it in the latest video It is being worked on, more to come in the near future

Q: Ever going to get larger divisions?

A: Not in regular pvp (Random Battle) Divisions have a huge impact on battle

Q: Will clans get their own flags for in game use?

A: Visual representation of clan is important.

Q: Any plans for light/heavy cruisers to be matched (matchmaking improvement)?

A: Improving matchmaking, more rules increase queue time. “Queueing is bad”

Q: Using more than 1 memorial flag at once?

A: Currently not working on it (No), other features taking priority

Q: Dedicated webpage for official modpack?

A: Great suggestion.

Q: What’s the best way to make friends.

A: Dynamic divisions, cookies, drinks

Q: Legendary Captains plans?

A: Expanding the field with more unique captains, not good to have captains available for a limited time looking for prominent historical captains and features for them

Q: Dynamic maps?

A: May not be possible without engine improvements. Was an original idea but dumped the idea in order to keep maps balanced

Q: Balanced rewards for PvE in new modes?

A: Yes. Maybe unique ways to earn rewards.

Q: Epicentre mode, going to be removed?

A: Maybe tweaked, wont be removed.

Q: Bastion mode?

A: Aware of complaints, will take a look to balance it, more likely to remove it since team is working more on PvE mode.

Q: How are end game polls use?

A: Compare results to look for similarities in responses, answer the poll with your emotion, dont think too hard about it

Q: Historical Battles?

A: Fun modes in the future. No historical modes in the works but PvE would be a good platform to introduce it

Q: Why does USN DDs have better concealment on their torps than IJN?

A: Because of their speed and damage differences. Doesn’t think buffing IJN Torps is a good idea. Need more research/data

Q: Next anime ships?

A: High School Fleet collab announced

Q: How to filter anime stuff?

A: There is a checkbox that does that.

Q: Rumour about removing stealth firing true?

A: Not talking about removing smoke, or terrain, just open ocean. Doesn’t think it is good for the game, if it happens balancing changes will be made Will be tested.

Q: Multi-monitor and 4k support?

A: Not top priority. Surveys show this hardware is very rare so hard to justify the work as a priority.

Q: Is radar used for RN cruisers?

A: Not recommended to use if you are not a very aware player. Some players use it, just an option.

Q: Bug regarding key bindings?

A: Not currently aware of it (not his department)

Q: Do you agree that German DDs are mediocre?

A: They lack a wow factor that the other lines have. They don’t feel different from normal DD player. Not a bad thing.

Q: Is there going to be a complete launcher for all the WG games?

A: It exists, but it is not available for the public (in alpha or beta)

Q: New ranked season?

A: Preparing for it, no details, ship tier was a previously used tier

Q: Can we stop having Tier 5 face tier 7 so much?

A: Playing t5-6 got more difficult while 7 got easier. Tier 5 seeing tier 7 is not as bad as tier 3 seeing tier 5 It is being looked into but saw more players moving to higher tiers with the change.

Q: Any plans to reward using smoke to help your team?

A: Was considered a year ago. Smoke cover is not always good (losing spotting/going blind) For now covered by karma system and when the karma system is improved maybe rewards for karma challenging to reward it because of the many factors

Q: Any plans for rewarding tanking?

A: Already there.

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