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World of Warships Public Test – Part II

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Hello everyone,

Second World of Warships Public Test 0.6.0 iteration will be live from 11 January 2017 to 16 January 2017. Here’s the key changes on 0.6.0.

Public Test 0.6.0 – Part II

Key Features


Clans are rolling out in the Open Beta Test. From Update 0.6.0, every player will be able to create their own clan or enter an existing one to join forces with other players. OBT stage will have the following functions available:

  • A current capacity is 30 players per clan.
  • Clan chat – an automatically created channel for all players for a certain clan. Besides, all clan players are assigned with a clan tag, visible in battles.
  • Breakdown of Roles:
    • Fleet Commander – maximum permission.
    • Fleet Commander’s deputy – all permissions except disbanding the Clan and appointment of the Fleet Commander’s deputy.
    • Military commissar – is able to send invitations to the Clan to all non-Clan members.
    • Officer – a Clan player.
  • Invite a player to a Clan (available for Fleet Commanders and their Deputies, as well as Military commissar).
  • A Clan player can find a Clan tab with a corresponding tag next to Profile tab.

Elite EXP for Commanders

General Mechanics of Commanders’ Elite EXP

Right now, every Commander may have a maximum EXP value limited to 19 skill points. No Commander in the game can earn more associated EXP than the above-mentioned maximum value.

To become an Elite Commander, every Commander in the game has to earn the maximum amount of EXP, enough to get 19 skill points. All EXP earned in excess of that value will be transformed into Commanders’ Elite EXP.

Commanders’ Elite EXP will serve as a new type of in-game currency. The Elite EXP of Commanders does not refer to any Commander specifically and is accumulated in the common pool of Commanders’ Elite EXP on a player’s account.


Application of Elite and Free EXP

Elite EXP Earned by Commanders:

  • May be applied to any non-Elite Commander to open a new level of skills or to get additional skill points free of charge;
  • May be used to re-train any non-Elite Commander moved to a different ship to a 100% training level (instead of doing the same for Doubloons);
  • May be applied to reset all mastered skills free of charge (players will now be able to choose whether to reset Commander skills for Doubloons or by applying Commanders’ Elite EXP);
  • May be converted into Free EXP for Doubloons.

Apart from that, we’ve introduced a new mechanism in the game that allows spending Free EXP on Commanders.

Free EXP may be used the same way as Commanders’ Elite EXP to:

  • Open a new level of skills or to get additional skill points for any non-Elite Commander;
  • Re-train any non-Elite Commander moved to a different ship (instead of doing the same for Doubloons);
  • Reset any mastered Commander skills.

Elite and Free EXP is applied approximately under the same pattern followed when buying ship modules using associated (combat) and free EXP.

When using Elite and Free EXP, the following rules apply:

  • In order to re-train a Commander, to master a new level – or reset – Commander skills, it is a requirement to have enough Elite and/or Free EXP to complete the task for 100%; otherwise, the above operations will be unavailable;
  • To complete an operation, Elite EXP is applied first with Free EXP used only if there is not enough Elite EXP available;
  • When training/re-training, the total amount of Elite and Free EXP used is equal to the amount of the Commander’s own EXP required to get Commander skills to 100% or to master the next skill point;
  • The total amount of Elite and Free EXP required to reset Commander skills equals the exact amount required for such resetting.

Elite EXP to Free EXP Conversion

Elite EXP can be converted into ordinary Free EXP under the same rules applicable to the associated EXP of ships.

Conversion cost will be the same as the one applied during standard conversion of associated EXP into Free EXP (1 Doubloon for 25 EXP).

Reverse conversion of Free EXP into Elite EXP is unavailable. At the same time, ordinary Free EXP may be directly applied towards the same purposes as Elite EXP.

Access to operations involving Elite EXP

Elite and Free EXP will be available for use in respect of Commanders from the 7th level of the Service Record when Commanders appear and become available to players in the game.

Elite EXP may be used only after it has been earned, while Free EXP is already accessible to players the very moment they unlock the Commanders functionality and may be applied as described above.

New Commander Skills

New Commander skills are added to the game. Now the top skill level will be Level 4.

All skills in the game are subdivided into four groups that contain skills of the corresponding types.

Read more about Commander Skills.

New Commander Skill Point Table

Besides skills changes and introduction of Elite EXP for Commanders, progression calculations will also change. In 0.6.0 progression of a new commander at the initial stage will be a little more difficult. However, it will become much easier to earn high skill points. The general principle is that commanders don’t lose skill points; they keep them along with EXP.

Click here to see Progression Rate table.


  • Nagato and Amagi: to make basic game experience more comfortable, Hull (A) was removed for both ships. Instead, we added one similar to Hull (B).
  • Fubuki: working time of smoke screen was decreased
  • Bismarck: Hydroacoustic Search was replaced with a standard consumable for Tier VIII.
  • Battleships: working time of Catapult Fighter was decreased.

Maps & Locations

Completed Visual redesign of the following Maps and Ports:

  • Islands
  • The Philippines
  • Port

Strait: significantly changed the left part of the map. We expanded the strait area, squeezed a large island to increase a chamber, added two new islands;

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    Is there a specific place to download the Test Server?


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