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World of Warships Patch Notes

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Hello everyone,

World of Warships Update will be released on the 8 December and with it comes the USS Missouri. Here’s the official patch notes from the portal.

Patch Notes

Steven Seagal’s Warship is Ready for Action!

Iowa-class battleship “USS “Missouri” will be added to the American Tech Tree:

About the USS Missouri

  • Missouri will be the very first Tier IX Premium warship to be introduced in World of Warships
  • Missouri will be available for purchase for 750,000 Free EXP and 1 Credit. This ship MAY NOT BE PURCHASED by Doubloons.
  • Compared to other Tier IX warships, the Missouri can earn twice as many Credits, and only need half of the usual maintenance cost.
  • Missouri can be equipped with a unique camouflage, granting +100% Base EXP bonus, -3% to detectability range by sea, +4% to the maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship.

 Base Performance

  • Maximum Speed: 33 knot
  • Equipped with 3 sets of “406 mm/50 Mk7 three-gun turrets”
  • Citadel armour up to 368 mm

Missouri vs. Iowa

  • Missouri can be equipped with “Surveillance Radar” instead of “Spotting Aircraft”. This radar has performance on par with the Tier IX cruiser “Baltimore” with 9,45 km range and 35 seconds effect time.
  • Anti-air capabilities slightly differ between these two ships:
    • Missouri’s close-range AA engagements is slightly lower than that of Iowa (Missouri: 20 mm Oerlikon Mk4 29×1 vs. Iowa: 20 mm Oerlikon Mk20 32×2)
    • Missouri’s mid-range AA engagements is slightly lower than that of Iowa (Missouri: 40 mm Bofors Mk2 20×4 vs. Iowa: 40 mm Bofors Mk2 19×4)
    • Dual purpose guns’ performance are on par between these two ships.
  • Armour characteristics differ between these two ships:
    • Dual purpose guns plating (Missouri: 25 mm vs. Iowa: 64 mm)
    • Upper part of the front citadel traverse (Missouri: 368 mm vs. Iowa: 287 mm)
    • Lower part of the front citadel traverse (Missouri: 297 mm vs. Iowa: 216 mm)
    • Center part of the rear citadel traverse (Missouri: 368 mm vs. Iowa: 287 mm)
  • In the Port Menu, you may sometimes find Steven Seagal working his daily routine on the deck and in other locations on the ship.
    In the future, you may find crews on duty above deck for other ships also.


  • Other Changes

    • Map “The Atlantic” have been reintroduced to the Map Rotation.
    • Steven Seagal commander image has been changed.

    Why do we need Free EXP to acquire USS Missouri?

    Unlike other Premium ships, the Missouri cannot be purchased through the Premium Shop and may only be acquired by using Free EXP.

    Why you ask?

    USS Missouri is a Tier IX warship. Which means her owners will be facing one of the toughest battles in the game along with other battle-hardened veterans.
    Using this method, we can mitigate the risk of inexperienced players  being easy prey for other players.

    We have also considered downgrading Missouri’s Tier to Tier VIII to be sold via Doubloon, but this process proved to be too complicated to balance out an Iowa-class battleship.

    On the other hand, even if we were to create an entire branch just to implement an Iowa-class sister ship, we would not be able to justify the contribution needed to create this ship.

    The 750,000 Free EXPs has been set as a long-term goal where players can work toward earning this unique Tier IX ship. Players will be able to learn the player skills needed to take the helm of a high tier ship.

    By donning her unique camouflage, she will be able to take benefit of extra stat boosts like other Premium ships but upgraded to be on par with Tier IX – X battles.

    Get your trigger finger ready, it’s time to prove yourself worthy!

    Action Stations!

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