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World of Warships – 0.5.14 Live vs 0.5.15PT/Live Data Changes

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Vaexa for sharing this on Reddit. Here’s the latests data changes in 0.5.13.

Data changes


  • Graf Spee + relevant modules added
  • Campaigns and missions added
  • Oleg + relevant modules added
  • German destroyers + relevant modules and consumables added



  • Iowa: rangefinders changed, AA changed (cosmetic changes only)
  • Scharnhorst: armour model changed slightly (this shouldn’t have any gameplay consequences; it’s neither a buff nor a nerf, just a small reshuffle of some armour meshes)
  • IJN destroyer changes (these are documented; Kamikaze and Fujin are exempt from these, although this should go without saying)
  • Shinonome: torpedo range buffed (6km > 8km)


Costs per shell fired.

  • 105mm AP Ps. Gr.: cost decreased (5 > 3)

Localisation changes

  • Things were rephrased (god fuck this happens every update)
  • Strings for new ships, modules, etc added
  • Strings for campaigns and campaign missions added

0.5.15 PT > 0.5.15 LIVE changes

Data changes


  • Pearl Harbor flag added
  • ”Coinsup” flag added
  • Squared Circle flag added (again???)
  • Oleg flag added
  • Project Oil flag added

Localisation changes

  • rephraseningngngngng
  • Strings for new flags added (see above)
  • Strings for ”volunteer flags” added

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