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World of Warships – 0.5.11 Balance Changes – American Aircraft & Radar Consumables – Updated

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Hello everyone,

It took me a bit to confirm with two sources these changes, they come from SEA and from NGA.CN, both of them proved secure before, but still take it with a grain of salt.

Update #1 Secure sources have confirmed that part of the information is false. Still confirming the rest. Will update the post accordingly.

Sources: NGA.CNSEA

In preparation for the British Cruisers some balance changes have to be implemented, please remember the following are subject to change before the patch is released.

  • Russian Tier VI and VII Cruisers (Budyonny & Schors) will receive Radar Surveillance, with respectively range of 8.1km and 9km and duration of 15 seconds.Confirmed False
  • All ships with the Radar Surveillance consumable cool down time reduced by half. Normal radar from 360 seconds to 180 seconds, Premium from 240 seconds to 120 seconds. – Confirmed Inaccurate
  • US Fighter Groups payload will receive a 33.3% increase – Confirmed Inaccurate

Update #2

Heads up everyone. It’ has been confirmed by Ev1n that these patch notes are inaccurate and wrong. According to Ev1n, the first point is completely false and the others have different values than the current internal supertest notes.

Click here for larger picture

Source: World of Warships Official Forum

Update #3

SEA just published a post on Reddit confirming that the initial information was wrong and that they made a mistake. I’ll like to thank them for correcting the information and letting us know about it.

Correction about information of patch 0.5.11 from WorldOfWarships


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