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World of Warships 0.7.0 Supertest: HMS Cossack Details

HMS Cossack was a Tribal-class destroyer named after the Cossack people of the Russian and Ukrainian steppe. She became famous for the boarding of the German supply ship Altmark in Norwegian waters, and the associated rescue of sailors originally captured by the Admiral Graf Spee. She was torpedoed by U-563 and sank on 27 October 1941.



HMS Cossack will be introduced in the game as a Premium Tier VII Destroyer. Please Note: All information is from Supertest and it’s subject to change before the final version is released.





?Propulsion: 44,000 hp

Mk VII mod. 1

?120 mm/45 CPXIX

533 mm Mk. IX*

General Stats

Tier 7
Hitpoints 14,800
Main Battery
Maximum firing range 11,890
120 mm/45 CPXIX ?3?x?2 120?mm
Secondary Battery
Maximum firing range 4,500
102 mm/45 QF Mk XIX ?1?x?2 102?mm
Torpedo Tubes
533 mm QR Mk II ?1?x?4 533 mm
Air Defense
102 mm/45 QF Mk XIX 1?x?2 102?mm
40 mm Vickers 2-pdr. QF Mk II ?2?x?1 40?mm
40 mm/39 QF Mark VII 1?x?4 40?mm
12.7 mm Mk III ?2?x?4 12.7?mm
Maximum Speed 36.0 kt
Turning Radius 610 m
Rudder Shift Time 4.7s
Surface Detectability Range 6.84 km
Air Detectability Range 3.9 km
Experience Cost 0
Gold Cost

Main Battery

120 mm/45 CPXIX
Guns ?2?x?120?mm
Reloading Time 5 s
Sigma 2.00?
Horizontal Dispersion 111 m
Vertical Dispersion
208 m
Type of Projectile HE
Alpha Damage 1,700
Damage 460
Alpha piercing HE 20
Explosion size 0.39
Burn prob 0.08 %
Projectile speed 808 m/s
Type of Projectile AP
Alpha Damage 2,100
Damage 0
Alpha piercing HE 0
Explosion size 0
Burn prob -0.5 %
Projectile Speed 808 m/s

Secondary Battery

102 mm/45 QF Mk XIX
Guns ?2?x?102?mm
Reloading Time 3 s
Sigma 1.00?
Horizontal Dispersion 111 m
Vertical Dispersion
208 m
Type of Projectile HE
Alpha Damage 1,500
Damage 310
Alpha piercing HE 17
Explosion size 0.30
Burn prob 0.06 %
Projectile speed 811 m/s

Torpedo Tubes

533mm QR Mk II
?Torpedoes ?4?x?533?mm
?Reloading Time 96 s
?Traverse Speed 25
?Vertical traverse rate 25
?Torpedo Angles 4.8 / 16
Caliber 533 mm
Arming Time 1s
Maximum Damage 44,300
Base Damage 1,100
Damage 15,867
Speed 61 kt
Max Distance 8.0?km
Surface Detectability Range 1.3 km
Running Depth 2.10?m

Air Defense

102 mm/45 QF Mk XIX
Antiair Aura 0.09
Maximum Firing Range 5.0?km
Reloading Time 5 s
40 mm Vickers 2-pdr. QF Mk II
Antiair Aura 0.11
Maximum Firing Range 2.0?km
Reloading Time 0.5 s
40 mm/39 QF Mark VII
Antiair Aura 0.13
Maximum Firing Range 2.5?km
Reloading Time 0.5 s
12.7 mm Mk III
Antiair Aura 0.04
Maximum Firing Range 1.2?km
Reloading Time 0.1s



Engine Power 44,000 hp
Forward Engine Up Time 20s
Backward Engine Up Time 10s



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  1. j class (basically a gahjah mada) and tribals … ships I loved from my table top gaming days.

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