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What’s On The Horizon for World of Warships?

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Hello everyone,

Gamescom seems to have put Wargaming in a good mood to share more information than usual. Here’s what we can expect in World of Warships.


The Royal Navy

Gamescom was not just about the German battleships. Their historical adversaries, the Royal Navy, have also been announced, coming to the game later this year. The British cruisers: Historical aficionados will no doubt have some idea about what these ships will be like, of course. The rest won’t have too long to wait to get to know these ships a little better.

Attention! Crew on deck

Your ships will no longer be manned by only one person. In the near future, we will be adding a crew, which will no doubt add a bit of liveliness to your flotilla when in the Port. We were lucky to have the developers share a very early work-in-progress version of how the feature might look like.

The Spoils of War

Another feature, currently being prototyped and tested in the St. Petersburg studio, will make sure that your accomplishments on the battlefield will be properly visually rewarded. There is just something very cool about the concept of a big crate being delivered on the deck of your ship, waiting for when you open it. And then you do and… rewards! Again, please bear in mind this is a work-in-progress video hot from the developers’ drawing board.

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