World of Warships

Warships Community Contributor Battle

Hello everyone,

I’m proud to announce that I will be participating on the Warships Community Contributor Battle this Saturday, February 18th. There will be loads of tea, biscuits and beer! If you would like to tune in, say hello and watch us having a laugh, just tune in on Wargaming Twitch Channel from 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM UTC.

Wargaming Twitch Channel

This is going to be a fun (non-serious) special Live Stream with Wargaming Community Contributors, playing matches together along with other Wargaming staff both from NA & EU.

Here’s a list of Community Contributors you will be able to see:

  1. Mighty Jingles (EU)
  2. Strefs (EU)
  3. Yuzral (EU)
  4. IEarlGrey (EU)
  5. Aerroon (EU)
  6. Aetam (EU)
  7. Strangers123 (EU)
  8. ClydeThaMonkey (EU)
  9. PointyHairedJedi (EU)
  10. OttoCarius21st (EU)
  11. Harkonnen (EU)
  12. ShipComrade (NA)
  13. VulgarrTheViking (NA)
  14. Hughbert Jass (NA)
  15. WastingSomeTime Gaming (NA)
  16. Slai(Half) (NA)
  17. Keviseeb (NA)
  18. Fr05ty (NA)
  19. Lert (NA)
  20. Kelorn (NA)
  21. IChase (NA)
  22. Notser (NA)
  23. Kamisamurai (NA)
  24. Mejash (NA)
  25. Braincage (NA)
  26. TitiuBlack (NA)
  27. TragicLoss (NA WG)
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