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Upcoming Tier VIII Japanese Premium Battleship: KII

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Wargaming just announced a brand new upcoming Japanese Premium Battleship: KII.

Click to enlarge image.

Featuring five dual gun turrets armed with 410mm guns, this Premium Battleship will be placed at Tier VIII. Excited to see it in the game?

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Tier VIII Japanese Premium Battleship: KII

  1. i am of course happy to see more ships, but having the Kii as a premium… part of me was low key hoping for a second branch of Japanese BBs Would most likely be paper designs, but that was never that fesible anyway i guess. Happy at any rate

  2. Actually there are more than enough paper designs left for a second BB branch so worry not ;), besides there are some real classes left out as well (Ise, Hyuga in their original form, arguably Tosa was not completely a never were either.)

  3. I’m happy for this to be a premium as long as I get a second line of BBs with the No. 13 at top tier… Everything in due time I suppose. Will still be buying this regardless

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