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Upcoming Tier VIII Japanese Premium Battleship: KII

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Wargaming just announced a brand new upcoming Japanese Premium Battleship: KII.

Click to enlarge image.

Featuring five dual gun turrets armed with 410mm guns, this Premium Battleship will be placed at Tier VIII. Excited to see it in the game?

15,466 thoughts on “Upcoming Tier VIII Japanese Premium Battleship: KII

  1. i am of course happy to see more ships, but having the Kii as a premium… part of me was low key hoping for a second branch of Japanese BBs Would most likely be paper designs, but that was never that fesible anyway i guess. Happy at any rate

  2. Actually there are more than enough paper designs left for a second BB branch so worry not ;), besides there are some real cl***es left out as well (Ise, Hyuga in their original form, arguably Tosa was not completely a never were either.)

  3. I’m happy for this to be a premium as long as I get a second line of BBs with the No. 13 at top tier… Everything in due time I suppose. Will still be buying this regardless

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