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Tier IX Premium Cruiser Alaska: Confirmed to cost 1,000,000 Free XP

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have been waiting for a long, long time but finally, we have the information. The Alaska is ready to roll!

Wargaming statement

Dear players!

American cruiser tier I? Alaska is ready and will be available soon in game for 1,000,000 Free EXP. The ship has large dimensions, boasts an extensive pool of HP, carries powerful 305 mm artillery and efficient AA defences, and is equipped with a very diverse set of consumables. Alaska excels at destroying cruisers at mid-range distances.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.

As for when she will come, logically, you can expect her for the update 0.8.0 so around the end of January. That would be the most logical date of her arrival.

Is she worth the free XP?

Well… let’s compare her to the Kronshtadt. She only has 60 800 HP compared to Kronshtadt’s 71 050 HP. However, she has a much better armour overall with a bow and stern being 27 mm thick so able to bounce 380/381 mm shells, the side armour is 28 mm thick giving you the same bouncing capacity but also for what it’s worth a resistance to 127 mm guns using IFHE.

The citadel on Alaska is relatively well protected from being both slightly underwater but also protected by a spaced armour belt of 178 to 229 mm. Of course, battleships will still punish you hard or even some cruisers for sailing while giving them full broadside.

As for the guns, while Kronshtadt definitely has the upper hand in terms of ballistic and penetration, Alaska possesses the US cruiser AP auto-bounce angles allowing her to get good damage with AP even against angled targets.

Finally, her radar only has a 9.4 km range compared to Kronshtadt’s 11.7 km range radar.

Conclusion: Well… it depends. First considering Kronstadt and also Musashi are being removed from the tech tree with the update, I would advise you to get one of these 2 first if you don’t have them.

Now otherwise, from what I saw, overall, she is a solid ship and considering how easy it is to get free XP these days, 1 000 000 free XP shouldn’t be too much of an issue to collect.

15,466 thoughts on “Tier IX Premium Cruiser Alaska: Confirmed to cost 1,000,000 Free XP

  1. Well that sucks. What’s the point of making alternate currencies easier to collect if you’re just going to put prices up? Kinda defeats the object a bit. WG, please stop screwing around with base economics.

  2. They already announced a while ago that they were rising the prices for future freemium to avoid them from being too easy to get.

  3. The price increase looks rather steep in the first moment but you need to take into account that they added a lot of signals and camos that boost free xp gain by a large margin the last months. Also there were a decent amount of events with 2x or 3x base xp, too. And 1M free xp is much better than having to buy it for real money at the premium shop or arsenal.

  4. I’d rather see her name changed to Guam and then have Alaska placed in the tech tree at tier X in a Large cruiser line as there are enough design/proposals
    but it we aren’t going to get a large cruiser line, then I’d like her to be tier X so I could use her in clan wars. The Nips and Cykaboos get tier X cruiser killers so why can’t the US

  5. How much longer for the Alaska before its out have 500,000 saved up now.And still saving also how about the Enterprise when will it be out again .

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