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The Hunt for Bismarck Begins

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Hello everyone,

The Hunt for Bismark is about to hit the servers, meaning Update 0.6.5 should be coming very soon. Here’s dates for NA, Asia and EU Servers and the all the details about the event.

*EU Server dates will be added as soon as they are out.

EU Server

Event Starts: 19 May at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)
Event Ends: 08 June at 09:00 CEST (UTC+2)

NA Server

Event Starts: May 18 at 7:00 PT (10:00 ET)
Event Ends: June 7 at 5:00 PT (8:00 PT)

ASIA Server

Event Starts: 19/05/2017 @ 10:00 UTC+8
Event Ends: 08/06/2017 @ 08:00 UTC+8

How Campaigns Work

Campaigns are divided into sequential Missions, made up of various Tasks.

  • Each Mission requires a certain number of Stars. Complete Tasks in the current Mission to earn Stars and other rewards.
  • Only Tasks you accept will be active in battle. You can have up to two Tasks at a time, three if you have a Premium Account active.
  • Once you earn enough Stars for that Mission, complete that Mission’s Final Task.
  • Once the Final Task is accomplished, you can move on to the next Mission.
  • Rewards won’t be given automatically. You’ll have to click Collect Rewards under the completed Mission or Task to get your prize!


Tasks can be repeated multiple times for Stars rewards, but other rewards aren’t repeatable. Only Stars earned within a Mission’s Tasks can be applied to the Mission’s Star requirement.

About the “Hunt for Bismarck” Campaign


“Hunt for Bismarck” Campaign consists of 7 missions; each with tasks themed off of historical events.

These tasks must be completed in Random Battles with ships Tier V and above. Additional restrictions may apply to individual Tasks.

Throughout the Campaign, you’ll encounter a special type of container. Inside you’ll find exclusive signal flags (Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, Hydra, Dragon), special camouflage, and badges with historical connections to the mission to sink the Bismarck!

If you happen to get a duplicate Badge, don’t worry! You can trade in 4 of the same duplicate Badges for 1 unacquired Badge.

A special prize waits once you complete your collection. Plus, any duplicate badges you earn after completion earns you 10,000 Credits!

Upon completing these missions, you can also earn Upgrades and unique “Hunt for Bismarck” camouflage… and of course, the outstanding Bismarck herself along with these event containers!

Details about Rewards

Each task grants a small event container which contains:

  • 2 slots: 1 x Badges (After collection is complete, duplicate badges will be compensated with 10,000 Credits.)
  • 1 slot: 1 x Exclusive Signal Flag or special camouflage (Some lucky drops will contain 5 Exclusive Signal Flags or special camouflage instead of 1)

Exclusive Signal Flags

 WyvernCredit +50%
 Red DragonXP +100%, Commander XP +100%
 OuroborosFree XP +777%
 HydraXP +50%, Commander XP +150%, Free XP +250%
 DragonCommander XP +333%

The final tasks for Missions 5,6 and 7 grant, respectively, the following additional rewards:

  • Mission 5: Hood Camo #1, Hood Camo #2
  • Mission 6: Target Acquisition System Modification 1
  • Mission 7: German Tier VIII Battleship Bismarck + Port Slot

Players who already own Bismarck will receive Credits and a free Port Slot as a compensation.

There will also be unique tasks specifically designed for completion with HMS Hood. Upon completing these tasks, players will be rewarded with “big event container” and more Stars compared to other regular tasks.

A big event container contains:

  • 1 slot: 1 x Badge
  • 2 slots: 7 x Exclusive Signal Flags or special camouflage

Some lucky drops will contain 20 exclusive signal flags or special camouflage in the 2 slots.

Additionally, while progressing through the campaign, you will earn unique achievements.

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