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Second anniversary of my entry into the Community Contributor program

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So… I potentially forgot that on the 8th of March, there was the 2nd birthday of my entry into the CC program…

In any case, don’t worry, we are gonna celebrate that with a big giveaway guys!

TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES: Turns out that the link to the discord of The Daily Bounce is dead and I have to wait for Harkonnen to generate a new one. Will update the article once we get a new link.

The Giveaway

I will be giving away one premium of each ship type:

  • Tier IX Pan-European destroyer Friesland

  • Tier VIII German cruiser Mainz

  • Tier IX Italian battleship Marco Polo

  • Tier VIII Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga

Do not worry though, there will be more than 4 winners. I’ll also give away 10 Community Contributor container codes, 15 Italian Battleships container codes and 15 Subscriber consumable camouflage codes, each giving you 10 camouflages.

The rules of the giveaway

Of course, there will be rules to this giveaway as you could expect.

  1. Being active in-game. If I see that one of the winners didn’t play in ages, I will automatically pick another person for the prize. There is no need to give me the usual “I was just taking a break and I’m planning to come back”. It doesn’t work like that.
  2. To check if you are active in-game, I will obviously need your in-game name and to make things easier, I will ask you to join the official World of Warships discord via this link and to follow the instructions so that your discord account is linked to your Wargaming account. If a winner is not on the official discord, I will pick another winner randomly.
  3. To check if you are active in-game, I will ask you to not have your profile hidden. I think that by now you get it, if your profile is hidden, I’ll pick someone else.

When it comes to the ships specific giveaway, considering that we are talking about high tier ships, there will be additional limitations:

  1. At least 1 500 battles played
  2. At least one tier X tech-tree ship and 50 battles played at tier X in Random battles

This giveaway will start tomorrow at 10:00 CEST (08:00 UTC) on the discord of The Daily Bounce and will last 24 hours. To take part in the different giveaways, react in the #giveaways channel with the :tada: emote.

One last thing, don’t forget to assign yourselves the different roles via the rules_and_roles channel.

I wish you good luck and also want to thank all of you for reading my articles for more than 2 years now!

1 thought on “Second anniversary of my entry into the Community Contributor program

  1. That’s awesome, man, congrats! Keep up the good work! And I will not participate in the giveway: “I was just taking a break and I’m planning to come back” :o) But I have one, I mean, two good reasons for that; my twin babies were born, I will be away from the combats for a long time, but I keep catching up on the news here.

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