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Pan-Asia Destroyers: Deep Water Torpedoes

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With the introduction of Pan-Asia Destroyers, Wargaming plans to make the newly branch unique by giving it deep water torpedoes. Of course this is still just a test, and the this isn’t set in stone.

Gadjah Madah

The idea is to make the line unique with specific torpedo armament. After testing the Pan-Asians with normal loadout, Wargaming plans to test deep water torpedoes. Deep water torpedoes interact with draught of the target: they can easily pass underneath a light ship without any damage. As a trade-off, such torpedoes can boast improved concealment, so catching those Battleships by surprise would be easier.

Fu Shun

But will it work? Does the game need such torpedoes? It certainly is a better alternative than the usual unique consumable Wargaming has been using for a while now

For the more distracted readers, Wargaming announced the introduction of the Pan-Asia Destroyer line, made up of ships from give different Countries: Great Britain, USA, USSR, Japan and Germany. If you missed it, don’t forget to check them out.

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