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Official Wargaming Response to Steel Concerns

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Recently, a lot of concerns appeared concerning the loss of value of the steel resource due to the upcoming events and campaign. Kelorn, co-host of the Warship Podcast requested from iEarlGrey an official statement from Wargaming regarding these concerns.
Wargaming’s response is the following (warning, big wall of text):

Wargaming statement


Since the release of the 0.7.12 Developer Bulletin there have been concerns about the steel that will be available for players during the end of year period, which we’ve been addressing in streams and chats since then. In addition, we’ve decided to share a few more points with you, including some numbers illustrating our players and their potential for achieving the rewards that will be up for grabs.

During end of year events, players will be able to get steel from four main sources, in addition to competitive play in Ranked and Clan Battles. These will be Snowflakes, the milestone event “In the Name of His Highness”, two mission chains, as well as the Steel Monsters campaign.

Players will be able to receive 2000 steel from the milestone event, as well as 2019 from each of the mission chains – one of which will be available for free for owners of Prinz Eitel Friedrich, while the other will be available for purchase along with the top-tier premium shop bundles containing the same ship. The Steel Monsters campaign will also be available from the premium shop and the player will have at least 180 days to complete it, which will grant a total of 4000 steel. All of this totals to 4000 steel achievable for free and 6000 steel achievable after purchase.

In addition to the above, players will be able to receive a varying amount of steel for knocking off snowflakes from each of your top-tier ships. While this may look like a literal metric tonne of steel to the veterans among you, let us put that into perspective:

· Only around 30% of the active audience currently has ships eligible for any steel rewards from snowflakes.

· Only around 4% of the active audience currently has ships eligible to get them more than 2000 steel from snowflakes.

· Only around 0.4% of the active audience currently has ships eligible to get them more than 4500 steel from snowflakes.

In addition to the above, Ranked enthusiasts are able to get around 5500 steel for the season, as well as a maximum of 11000 steel for Clan Battles. Please also remember that all of the steel sources above require an investment of gameplay time, including the purchasable ones. Sure, many players will play these missions and campaigns, but only the most dedicated fleet commanders will do it all. Most of the players who fall into the mentioned brackets are also veteran, competitive or clan players. What this means is that there is very little risk of an excessive influx of top-tier steel ships, especially in the hands of very inexperienced players. You will still encounter such players in battle and you might stumble across the odd battle that’s heavy with steel on both sides. However, these instances will be exceptions, rather than the rules.

In any case, regardless of what type of player you are, we want to give you a fighting chance at getting steel or the ships it unlocks. That being said, both the resource itself as well as these ships will likely stay as a reward for competitive gameplay and players who invest their time and skill to get to the top will be the first to claim such rewards. In addition, they can acquire unique vanity items via other competitive currencies, which are available for achieving Rank 1 in Ranked seasons or winning enough battles in Typhoon league in Clan Battles. We plan to keep expanding this system in the future as well.

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  1. Well said. The hysterical response of some players to the idea that steel might be a bit easier to get has been priceless. WG do screw up sometimes, but I think what they’re doing here is pretty well conceived. No newbie player will be getting a Stalingrad off the back of this event.

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