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My Experience with the Products from Genesis

4 min read

Ladies and Gentlemen, as you all know, a few weeks ago, I started a sponsorship with Genesis, a company specialized in gaming equipment. To allow me to judge the quality of their products, they sent me an XXL Mousepad as well as a gaming mouse.

I played with those for a while now and it’s time to give my final judgment on their respective quality. Just before I start, keep in mind that I’m far from being accustomed to do reviews on such products so I might miss stuff worth mentioning.

Mousepad BORON 500 XXL RGB

The BORON 500 XXL RGB is 80 cm long for 30 cm wide. It is equipped with an RGB LED system on the edge of the pad that will give you the choice between 11 mods may it be a pure color (red, blue, gree, pink, cyan, orange and light purple (at least, that’s how I would name that color) or a color variation pattern. To power that led system, you have to plug it via the USB cable provided with it either directly to your computer or on another available power source. Logically, you shouldn’t have any issue finding a free USB plug on your computer.

For the texture, it is really, really nice. Very smooth and soft and there is pretty much no resistance allowing for smooth movements. It’s also especially good for those with hands that sweat a lot.

Durability-wise, most of the mousepads I used to have had the issue of starting to peel off on the edges after extensive use but with that one, I can already see that it will not be the case thanks to the protection all around the mousepad that keeps everything tied together. Really feels like a mousepad that will serve me well for the years to come.

When it comes to the size, it’s ALMOST perfect. I have generally enough space to allow movements with the mouse but there are times when I feel like a few more centimeters in length for the mouse part would have been nice. If you also feel like it would have been too short, don’t worry, they thought about it. In their shop, they also have “MAXI” size mousepads that are 90 cm and 45 cm wide. For those who somehow need even more space, they have the “ULTRA” size which is 110 cm long and 45 cm wide. You guys have something to compensate?

Overall, I was really satisfied with the BORON 500 XXL RGB, may it be while playing World of Warships or other games.  Would it be worth 35.33€… mmmh… tough question. If it lasts as much as I expect it to, I would say yes compared to that junk which will start to fall apart after a year.

Mouse KRYPTON 700

My Lord, this mouse…. amazing, absolutely amazing!

The Krypton 700 is a wired mouse equipped with a total of 8 programmable buttons. The mouse comes with a dedicated software that will allow you to freely customize it (macros, DPI settings, color of the RGB backlight, etc.)
For the detailed characteristics, I invite you to have a look at the mouse’s dedicated page.

While playing, behind the scroll button you have the DPI switch that will allow you to choose between 5 different DPI settings. The position of the switch is nice when I compare it to my previous mouse on which the DPI switch was at the left of the left main switch and I had quite often the issue of accidentally clicking on it. Here, it’s perfectly placed between your index and middle finger without any risk of getting in the way.

When it comes to the ergonomy, it’s simply God tier! The mouse is perfectly shaped to provide a solid and comfortable grip with a special mention for the parts where you rest your thumb and annular. I had quite a few mouses already and this one was by far the most comfortable, especially with the material used. The mouse is 128 mm long, 69 mm wide and 38 mm in height.

After only a bit more than a month, it’s obviously hard to tell how durable is the mouse but the durability of the main switches is estimated to 20 million clicks. If you are a battleship main, don’t worry, the mouse should well outlast World of Warships. Still talking about the durability, there is a detail that I honestly consider worth mentioning. The mouse comes with a set of replacement feet which may end up being useful if those on the mouse start to wear off.

Would that mouse be worth 45.63€? In my opinion, definitely when considering the great performances, amazing ergonomy and potentially high durability.

Welp… that’s it. The end of my first (maybe the only?) sponsorship. I would like to thank Genesis for the stuff they shipped and hope that you guys will be as satisfied as I am.
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