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Monarch Confirmed as Tier VIII Royal Navy Battleship

When Wargaming announce they would be testing Royal Navy Battleships to the exhaustion, they really meant it. Monarch was designed as a heavier follow-up to the King George V class, but this project was quickly abandoned for the bigger, heavier Lion.

It was first introduced as a Tier VII, but was now moved to Tier VIII. Gun configuration was also changed, from 2×4 356mm and 1×2 356mm to 3×3 381mm, making it an interesting alternative for Tier VIII King George V, also at Tier VIII.


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  1. I hope they keep KGV at t8. I don’t really care whether this ship is Premium or not. I just want KGV at tier8. That’s where she should be. I’m okay if they make Prince of Wales a t7 premium though.

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