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Hit the Waves in the World of Warships: Legends Closed Beta!

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3 years ago, World of Warships was launched for the PC. It is now time for the game to conquer the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One with World of Warships: Legends!

World of Warships: Legends will open its gates for the first Closed Beta weekend starting on December 21. If you want to have a first taste of this game, don’t miss the opportunity to play it before its official release (planned for 2019) and to receive extra rewards.

What is World of Warships: Legends exactly?

First thing first, it is not a direct carbon copy of the World of Warships we all currently know. World of Warships: Legends will bring its own unique content and the most notable one, Legendary Commanders. These commanders will all have their own characteristics that will influence your approach to combat.

As of now, there are 8 different unique commanders:

  • U.S.A.: Norman Scott, William Halsey and William Sims
  • Japan: Raizõ Tanaka, Isoroku Yamamoto and Tõgõ Heihachiro
  • Poland: Jerzy ?wirski
  • Germany: Maximilian von Spee

There will also be a few differences and improvements in terms of UI designed specifically for consoles.

Screenshots of the game for Xbox One and PlayStation®4

World of Warships: Legends Gallery

Xbox One








If you are interested in taking part to the Closed Beta, you can sign up right here: Closed Beta Registration

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