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High School Fleet Coming to EU & NA From 10th July

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Two sweet ships from the animeĀ High School Fleet will hit the Premium Shop next week. From July 10th, you will be able to get your hands on the tier VIII Japanese destroyer HSF Harekaze and tier VI German cruiser HSF Graf Spee.

Each ship comes with a cool Commander from the anime that can take command of any ship of her nation.


6 thoughts on “High School Fleet Coming to EU & NA From 10th July

    1. Please refer to Premium Store on Asian server, and those HSF ships are already available until 8/14.
      Prices are based on US dollars, and will be counted as local currencies depending on where you log in.
      BTW, the supreme bundle contains not only ship but also 3-point captain along with dual-character voice packs (cannot manually changed through voice pack switching like Arpeggio captains so far).

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