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Graphics Improvements in Update 0.11.3

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World of Warships is constantly evolving.

Our team works every day to make the game more interesting and attractive. This meticulous work has been transforming our favourite game for many years.

We’ve made major improvements to the following maps: Tears of the Desert, Trap, Warrior’s Path, and Solomon Islands. We’ve added high-detailed textures and changed the weather, visual effects, and underwater world, as well as carefully worked on many other details.

We’ve improved how snow and sand are displayed on islands, and we’ve also added the effect of snow covering ships, depending on the weather.

The camouflages of aircraft now match the ships they take off from. This effect applies to all aircraft types in the game, including aircraft carrier squadrons and fighters, spotting aircraft, and Airstrike flights.

We’ve reworked the visual component of the underwater world. The ships and underwater landscape now look more natural and picturesque. We’ve also improved how distant underwater objects are drawn in the Binocular View.

Our efforts to improve the surrounding world did not distract us from the ships—we’ve made fixes to the textures and geometry of the following:  VIII Massachusetts I Eritrea IX Friedrich der Grosse III Valkyrie VI Dido X Forrest Sherman X Grosser Kurfürst IX Friesland X Puerto Rico X Thunderer X Zaō X Worcester III Vampire I Hashidate VII Haida X Somers VII Nueve de Julio VIII Orkan IX Jutland IX Neustrashimy V HSF Hiei VI Karl von Schönberg V Hill ★ Eagle.

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