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German Premium Destroyer Planned

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Hello everyone,

Ev1n has posted in the Official EU Forum confirmation of a German Premium Destroyer is to be released. When asked by a player, Ev1n replied ” There will, but unfortunately not any time soon. it got delayed by research and materials gathering.”.

It’s unfortunate that we are getting a complete German Destroyer tech-tree but not a single Premium Ship to train a Commander. According to Ev1n, Wargaming could “do a variant clone of one of the tech-tree DDs, but we’d like to avoid that.”

At these last words could mean we are getting something unique/different, rather than a clone of an existing ship.

Source: WoWS EU Official Forum

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  1. There are non-clone options for German DD premiums that could be made out of the captured ships that were pressed into service.

    ZH1 (former Dutch destroyer Gerard Callenburgh) was captured while still under construction and completed with German weapons. It’s probably a Tier 7.

    ZG3 Hermes (former Greek destroyer Vasilefs Georgios) was a British G-cl*** destroyer that the Greeks had modified with German guns (apparently being unimpressed with the British 120mm). That one’s more like Tier 6.

    TA32 (former Yugoslavian destroyer Dubrovnik) would’ve been an interesting Tier 7 or 8, had the Germans not ruined it dubious modifications that took away the powerful 140mm guns in favor of puny 105mm and also reduced it to a mere 3 torpedo tubes, in a failed attempt to make it into a AA picket ship. Maybe include it with the original armament since it did briefly have those guns in German service?

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