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French Battleship & Battlecruiser – Tier II & III Proposal by Volcanares

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Hello everyone,

Volcanares emailed me a big file whith loads of French Battleships and Battlecruisers. He created a proposal branch that mixes both battleships and battlecruisers, with several alternatives on some tiers.

Because the list is very long, twenty five ships in total, I’ve decided to split the article into several ones by Tiers. The first part will have all Tier II and III proposals, so the article doesn’t end up very long.

Again, I’m no expert here, so I’ll leave it up to you guys to evaluate if this could be a good branch for World of Warships, if there are any particular ship you would like to see, etc.

Please note this is just a proposal by a player. There is no guarantee Wargaming will implement this branch as its proposed, neither should you consider this article as confirmation of a French Battleship Branch is coming to the game.

Author: Volcanares
Date: 09/06/2017

I’ve created a list with French Battleships and Battlecruisers which could be added to World of Warships,.

I gathered data from several places, as accurate as possible, but there could be some errors.

According to the sources, data change because of the year and the evolution or improvement of the ships and projects. Furthermore Wargaming will have to balance and to create different hulls and other modules, so the data might change even if these are the good ones.

I’ve added  Tier II, Pre-Dreadnought, even if I know they will not be added to the game for now, but who knows ? Maybe one day.

French Battleship & Battlecruiser Proposal

French Battleship Branch Proposal

Tier II – Danton


 Displacement  18 500t
 Length  145m
 Width 25,8m
 Speed  19,2 knots
 Main Armament  4x 305mm guns + 12x 240mm
 Secondary Armament & AA 16x 75mm
 Torpedoes 2x 450mm

Belt: 200-255mm  Deck: 75mm Turrets: 225-280mm Conning Tower: 300mm


Tier II – Liberté


 Displacement 14 750t
 Length 134m
 Width 24m
 Speed 19,4knots
 Main Armament 4x 305mm guns + 10x 194mm
 Secondary Armament & AA 12x 65mm + 8x 47mm
 Torpedoes 2x 450mm

Belt: 280mm  Deck: 120mm Turrets: 355mm Conning Tower: 305mm


Tier II – République


 Displacement 14 750t
 Length 133m
 Width 24m
 Speed 19knots
 Main Armament 4x 305mm guns
 Secondary Armament & AA 18x 164mm
 Torpedoes 2x 450mm
Armour Belt: 280mm  Deck: 55mm Turrets: 355mm Conning Tower: 305mm


Tier III – Courbet


 Displacement  23 500t
 Length  166m
 Width 27m
 Speed  21 knots
 Main Armament  12x 305mm guns
 Secondary Armament & AA 22x 138mm + 4x 47mm
 Torpedoes 4x 450mm
 Armour Belt: 180-270mm  Deck: 30-70mm Turrets: 250-290mm Conning Tower: 300mm


Tier III – 17 500t type


Displacement 17 500t
Length 205m
Width 24.5m
Speed 35 knots
Main Armament 8x 305mm guns
Secondary Armament & AA 6x 90mm + 10x 37.5mm
Torpedoes N/A
Armour Belt: 150-180mm Deck: 75mm Turrets: 80-155mm Conning Tower: 100-130mm



4 thoughts on “French Battleship & Battlecruiser – Tier II & III Proposal by Volcanares

  1. Nice.
    But with twelve 305mm, the Courbet is clearly Tier 4 material, just like the Wyoming.

  2. Courbet has wing turrets and cant fire all 12. Courbet also has range and penetration issues. Its a tier 3.

  3. A 17500 tons BC designe with 35knots speed and with 8 305mm guns. Just how the fuck? Its just impossible.
    Look at the Des monines. Thats a 17k tons cruiser from 1948. And it has
    around the same armor like this impossible dream. And only can do 33 knots. Not to mention the gunpower.
    Just how good the frech were, where they do better than US from 45????
    And with only 200m length they do 35 knots with a 18k tons desinge???
    Not a little bit optimistic thnking xD

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