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De Grasse has docked on EU Premium Shop

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It’s finally here, De Grasse a Tier VI French Cruiser has arrived to the EU Premium Shop. As per usual, she is available on her own or in a bundle. It’s got fast-firing, dual-purpose 155mm guns with good AP shells and a stunning black and white striped camouflage.

According to the draft design in 1938, the light cruiser De Grasse was developed from the La Galissonnière-class ships, and had their main advantages: heavy armour and good main battery guns. It had a distinctive Anti-Air armament, increased speed, and slightly reinforced torpedo tubes.


Admiral’s Edition

  • De Grasse — French Tier VI Cruiser
  • 1 Port Slot
  • 7,350 Doubloons
  • Main Armaments Modification 1
  • Aiming System Modification 1
  • Damage Control System Modification 1
  • Steering Gears Modification 2
  • 25 Damage Control Party II
  • 25 Hydroacoustic Search Party II
  • 25 Engine Boost II
  • 25 Catapult Fighter II
  • 200 Zulu Hotel Signals
  • 200 Equal Speed Charlie London Signals
  • 200 Sierra Mike Signals
  • 200 November Foxtrot Signals

De Grasse Memorial Flag!

Captian’s Edition

  • De Grasse (French Tier VI Cruiser)
  • 1 Port Slot
  • 3,650 Doubloons
  • 100 Equal Speed Charlie London Signal Flags
  • 100 Zulu Hotel Signal Flags
  • 100 November Foxtrot Signal Flags
  • 100 Sierra Mike Signal Flags

Standard Edition

  • De Grasse (French Tier VI Cruiser)
  • 1 Port Slot

De Grasse Pictures

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