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Cyclone – Tier V – French Destroyer – Stats, Armour & Pictures

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Member of Bourrasque-class destroyers, Cyclone provided fire support for Allies during Dunkirk Evacuation, participated in the rescue mission. On May 31, she was hit by a torpedo launched from German torpedo boats, but Polish destroyer B?yskawica saved her. Introduced as a Premium Tier V French Destroyer.


Please be aware all the following data is from Supertest Server, meaning it’s not final and it might change before the final release.





Health11 700
Main battery
? Maximum firing range11 720
??130-??/40 Mle 1919?4?x?1 130?mm
Torpedo tubes
??550 mm tube lance-torpilles?2?x?3 550?mm
Air defense
??37 mm/50 CA Mle 1925?2?x?1 37?mm
??13.2 mm/76 CAD Mle 1929?2?x?2 13.2?mm
Maximum speed30.0
Turning radius560
Rudder shift time3.98
Surface detectability range7.2
Air detectability range3.36
Price9 990

Main Battery

130-??/40 Mle 1919
?Reloading time10
??Horizontal Dispersion118
??Vertical Spread310
?Traverse Speed10
?Vertical traverse rate10
?Max HP4 000
Type of projectileHE
Alpha damage1 900
Alpha piercing HE22
Explosion size0.45
Burn prob0.09
Projectile speed725
Projectile mass34.85
Projectile krupp1
Projectile detonator0.001
Detonator threshold2
Underwater Dist Factor0.8
Underwater Penetration Factor0.9
Type of projectileAP
Alpha damage2 300
Alpha piercing HE0
Explosion size0
Burn prob-0.5
Projectile speed725
Projectile mass32.05
Projectile krupp1 803
Projectile detonator0.025
Detonator threshold22
Underwater Dist Factor0.8
Underwater Penetration Factor0.9

Main Battery Sector Fire


Main Battery Turret Placement


Torpedo Tubes

550 mm tube lance-torpilles
?Reloading time84
?Traverse Speed25
?Vertical traverse rate25
?Torpedo angles3.6…12
?Max HP1 200
Arming time1
Alpha damage33 700
Damage1 000
Alpha piercing HE1 000
Max distance200 (?6.0?km?)
Surface detectability range1.2
Alert distance100
Explosion size1
Burn prob0

Torpedo Tubes Sector Fire


Torpedo Tubes Placement


Air Defense

Aura Medium

37 mm/50 CA Mle 1925 (?2?x?1 37?mm?)
??Antiair aura0.04
??Maximum firing range60 (?1.8?km?)
??Reloading time0.5
??Max HP200

Aura Near

13.2 mm/76 CAD Mle 1929 (?2?x?2 13.2?mm?)
??Antiair aura0.03
??Maximum firing range40 (?1.2?km?)
??Reloading time0.1
??Max HP200


Health11 700
Maximum speed30
Rudder shift time3.98
Turning radius560
Visibility Coefficient17.39
Surface detectability range7.2
Air detectability range3.36


Engine power33 000
Forward engine up time20
Backward engine up time10
Max HP11 700


Gun Fire Control System
Main battery


??? 33 000 ?.?.

?PCA ?4 Mle 1

?130-??/40 Mle 1919

?550 mm 19D


Slot 1
Slot 2
Slot 3

?Damage Control Party I

?Smoke Generator I

?Engine Boost I

?Damage Control Party II

?Smoke Generator II

?Engine Boost II


Slot 1
Slot 2
Slot 3

?Main Armaments Modification 1

?Aiming Systems Modification 1

?Damage Control System Modification 1

?Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1

?Main Battery Modification 2

?Propulsion Modification 1

?Magazine Modification 1

?AA Guns Modification 2

?Steering Gears Modification 1



15,466 thoughts on “Cyclone – Tier V – French Destroyer – Stats, Armour & Pictures

  1. The Cyclone (Bourrasque cl***) had a top speed of 33 knots, not 30….
    And looking at her real performances and those of the other French DD, she should be Tier 3/4. Tier 4 at best for balancing purpose but not more ! ( )
    I’m really wondering if WG do any research at all or if they just don’t give a sh*t…

  2. I’m hoping this is just a bot ship for the Dunkirk event and its “Tier” doesn’t actually matter because human beings will never play it. Could also be why the smoke generator’s only got Tier IV duration (73 sec) instead of the 77 sec usual for Tier V.

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