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Conqueror – Tier X British Battleship – Detailed Changes & Pictures

Royal Navy Tier X Battleship, Conqueror, suffered some changes on Supertest. Wargaming has decided to replace the 4×2 457mm guns, with 4×3 419mm and see how this battleship will perform.

These changes aren’t final, Wargaming is currently testing different configurations to make sure this branch is released without problems. While the 4×2 457mm setup made the Conqueror very unique, I’m not so sure about the 4×3 419mm because we already have other battleships with the same setup.

Please note the following information is from Supertest Server. All information is not final and it’s subject to change before the final version is released.




419 mm/45 Mk II
?Guns ?3?x?419?mm
?Reloading time 30
?Sigma 1.8?
??Horizontal Dispersion 174
??Vertical Spread 637
?Traverse Speed 4
?Vertical traverse rate 10
Type of projectile HE
Alpha damage 7 200
Damage 5 770
Alpha piercing HE 105
Explosion size 2.73
Burn prob 0.48
Projectile speed 792
Projectile mass 995
Projectile krupp 1
Projectile detonator 0.001
Detonator threshold 2
Underwater Dist Factor 0.8
Underwater Penetration Factor 0.9
Type of projectile AP
Alpha damage 13 000
Damage 0
Alpha piercing HE 0
Explosion size 0
Burn prob -0.5
Projectile speed 747
Projectile mass 1 157
Projectile krupp 2 548
Projectile detonator 0.015
Detonator threshold 70
Underwater Dist Factor 0.8
Underwater Penetration Factor 0.9


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  1. We already have Großer Kurfürst with 4×3 420mm. Now as it was put on reddit we get Kleiner Kurfürst with 4×3 419mm.

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