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Closed Test 0.11.4: Ranked Battles Season 7 & Clan Battles Season 17

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We’re sharing the details of the upcoming Season 7 of Ranked Battles and Season 17 of Clan Battles.

Ranked Battles Season 7

A new Ranked battles season will run from May 18th to July 12th. It will last for 2 updates and will be divided into 4 Sprints, each lasting 2 weeks.

In Season 7, battles in all leagues will take place in a 6 vs. 6 format on Tier VIII and IX ships. The leagues will differ in the rules for saving a star:

  • Bronze league — the stars are retained by the first two places by experience on a battle’s losing team;
  • In Silver — only the first place;
  • In Gold — stars cannot be saved upon defeat.

These changes will highlight the progressive level of competitiveness in each league.

The number of stars required to reach Rank 1 will be revised so that the number of battles required to reach it, on average, does not change.

Clan Battles Season 17: Caiman

We recently announced the 17th season of Clan Battles.

The season will run from May 25 to July 11 on Tier X ships and superships in a 7 vs. 7 format.

A team cannot have more than one battleship and two superships. Aircraft carriers, as well as Tier X Petropalovsk and Kléber not allowed to participate in the season.

Today we are ready to announce the maps on which the battles will take place: “Sea of ​​Fortune”, “Tears of the Desert”, “Mountain Range”, “Neighbors”, ” Warrior’s Path”, “Loop” and “Greece”. Battles on all maps will be held in Domination mode.


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