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British Battleships – Complete List

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to our friends from SEA Group, we now got the complete branch of the upcoming British Battleships. Please remember, this is Supertest information and it’s subject to change before the final version is released.

Tier III – HMS Bellerophon (1909)


Tier IV – HMS Orion (1912)


Tier V – HMS Iron Duke (1914)


Tier VI – HMS Queen Elizabeth (1915)


Tier VII – HMS Nelson


Tier VIII – HMS King George V


Tier IX – Lion


Tier X – Conqueror


There isn’t any in-game details from Tier III to VI for now, but these should be datamined as soon as they are added to Supertest Server. So what do you guys thing? Something that you were expecting? Or are you disappointed? Let me know in the comment section.

15,466 thoughts on “British Battleships – Complete List

  1. Yeah, the R-cl*** BBs were ignored. Maybe they’s be premium? also, there’s a few battlecruisers I’d like to see. Renown and the Alaska cl*** would be fun to see.

  2. Not really. It’ll probably show up in the form of Arkhangelsk, though.

  3. Wow, Bellerophon instead of Dreadnought?! Just ****ing wow

  4. More than likely the Revenge Cl*** will be included in the 2nd RN BB Line. As for the Battle Cruisers, the RN and the Germans have enough to do a complete separate line

  5. T5 why 2 ships of Queen Elizabeth-cl***, it should be Renown
    T3 must be Dreadnought
    KGV in tier 8 is the big mistake

  6. Shame that tier 3-6 aren’t battlecruisers as the game has enough slug BBs already. Pretty much the USN BB line all over again, where the fun only starts at tier 8. I’m already dreading Nelson’s stock propulsion….

  7. I thought so too man first of her kind probably be a premium

  8. Britain has enough battlecruisers to make an actual line out of them, so it makes sense to do it like this

  9. also it appears the king George and the nelson are the wrong way round, judging from the fact that it states tier 7 on the KGV’s picture.

  10. No Dreadnought is also a bit of suprise. And I thought that the T4 os supposed to be spelt Iron Duke instead of Iron Druke?( cool name tho)

  11. Read up ur history. Iron Duke and QE are 2 cl***es. T8 is fine for KGV

  12. They changed it on the supertest server. T8 suits KGV better anyways.

  13. South Carolina — American Tier III battleship. The first dreadnought in the U.S. Navy.
    N***au — German Tier III battleship. The lead ship in the first series of dreadnoughts of the Imperial German Navy.
    Kawachi — Japanese Tier III battleship. The first dreadnought of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

    How the hell Bellerophon ? Why not Dreadnought

  14. What interests me about this list is the fact that the Nelson at tier 7 gets 16inch guns, but the King George V gets 14inch guns at tier 8. Looks as though the Nelson might be worth a good play through with those guns at tier 7. As well, the Conqueror gets the same caliber guns at tier 10 as the Yamato (18inch), but because there are 8 of them in 4 turrets (rather than 9 in 3 turrets) leads me to guess they will be more accurate than the Yamato’s in some way. Will be cool to see some gameplay of that.

  15. Aye… According to an old Forum post, the RN BBs split going from T5 to T6 QE on one branch, Revenge on the other and merged at T9. One branch was: T6: QE T7: KGV T8: Vanguard then merging with the other line at T9 with the ~1943 Lion design. The other branch was T6: Revenge T7: Nelson T8: 1939 Lion. Curious to see if the line stays in the current setup or if they adopt the divide I saw before…..

  16. Best guess is that South Carolina, N***au and Kawachi cl***es had multiple ships built, while Dreadnought was a one-off.

  17. The Dreadought was the prototype, the Bellerophon was the production run. The run consisted of three ships, the Bellerophon, Superb and the Temeraire.

  18. The problem is that the British had so many ships how can they possible add them all?

  19. My understanding is 457 mm in the Conqueror to the Yammys 460 and a range of something like 29 K

  20. To be honest the R cl*** while having slightly better armour layout were actually a step backwards from the QE cl***. The QE’s could reach 25 knots when first built, the R cl*** could only reach 22 knots plus. The reason was the British Admiralty were worried about having access to fuel oil in the event of a conflict, so they designed the R cl*** to be coal fired with a speed of 21 knots. When Fisher was brought back as first Sea Lord, he had them changed to oil fired, but the design didn’t allow higher speed even with oil firing.

  21. While the Nelson had the bigger guns, the KGV was a improved design compared with the Nelson. Yes, having 10 x 14″ guns was a mistake, but a speed of 28 knots instead of 23 knots for the Nelson meant they were better suited to modern warfare.

  22. Within the game the Yamato guns will overmatch some armour that the Conqueror won’t

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