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Anthony – Tier V – Royal Navy Destroyer – Stats, Armour & Pictures

A member of British A-class destroyer. Anthony managed to rescue over 3,000 personnel during Dunkirk Evacuation, but on May 30, she suffered an air raid and was forced to return to Portsmouth for repair.

Anthony’s has greater firing range when compared with Gallant. Can use single-shot torpedo and has virtually no AA, but she has a unique consumable: double DPS for 40mm that last 15 seconds.


Please be aware all the following data is from Supertest Server, meaning it’s not final and it might change before the final release.





Level 5
Health 11 200
Main battery
? Maximum firing range 10 790
??120 mm/45 CPXVIII ?4?x?1 120?mm
Torpedo tubes
??533 mm QR Mk IV ?2?x?4 533?mm
Air defense
??40 mm/39 QF Mark II ?2?x?1 40?mm
??12.7 mm Mk III ?2?x?4 12.7?mm
Maximum speed 31.0
Turning radius 540
Rudder shift time 3.78
Surface detectability range 6.66
Air detectability range 3.21
Price 9 990

Main Battery

120 mm/45 CPXVIII
?Guns ?1?x?120?mm
?Reloading time 5
??Sigma 2.0?
??Horizontal Dispersion 118
??Vertical Spread 296
?Traverse Speed 10
?Vertical traverse rate 10
?Max HP 4 000
Type of projectile HE
Alpha damage 1 700
Damage 470
Alpha piercing HE 20
Explosion size 0.4
Burn prob 0.08
Projectile speed 808
Projectile mass 22.68
Projectile krupp 1
Projectile detonator 0.001
Detonator threshold 2
Underwater Dist Factor 0.8
Underwater Penetration Factor 0.9
Type of projectile AP
Alpha damage 2 100
Damage 0
Alpha piercing HE 0
Explosion size 0
Burn prob -0.5
Projectile speed 808
Projectile mass 22.68
Projectile krupp 2 396
Projectile detonator 0.01
Detonator threshold 20
Underwater Dist Factor 0.8
Underwater Penetration Factor 0.9

Main Battery Sector Fire


Main Battery Turret Placement


Torpedo Tubes

533 mm QR Mk IV
?Torpedoes ?4?x?533?mm
?Reloading time 106
?Traverse Speed 25
?Vertical traverse rate 25
?Torpedo angles 3.6…4.8
?Max HP 1 200
Arming time 1
Alpha damage 43 900
Damage 1 100
Alpha piercing HE 1 000
Speed 59
Max distance 200 (?6.0?km?)
Surface detectability range 1.2
Alert distance 100
Explosion size 1.2

Torpedo Tubes Sector Fire


Torpedo Tubes Placement


Air Defense

Aura Medium

40 mm/39 QF Mark II (?2?x?1 40?mm?)
??Antiair aura 0.03
??Maximum firing range 60 (?1.8?km?)
??Reloading time 0.5
??Max HP 200

Aura Near

12.7 mm Mk III (?2?x?4 12.7?mm?)
??Antiair aura 0.01
??Maximum firing range 40 (?1.2?km?)
??Reloading time 0.1
??Max HP 200


Health 11 200
Maximum speed 31
Rudder shift time 3.78
Turning radius 540
Visibility Coefficient 16.18
Surface detectability range 6.66
Air detectability range 3.21


Engine power 34 000
Forward engine up time 20
Backward engine up time 10
Max HP 11 200


Gun Fire Control System
Main battery


?Propulsion: 34,000 hp

?Mk V mod. 1

?120 mm/45 CPXVIII

?533 mm Mk VII


Slot 1
Slot 2
Slot 3

?Damage Control Party I

?Defensive AA Fire I

?Engine Boost I

?Damage Control Party II

?Defensive AA Fire II

?Engine Boost II


Slot 1
Slot 2
Slot 3

?Main Armaments Modification 1

?Aiming Systems Modification 1

?Damage Control System Modification 1

?Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1

?Main Battery Modification 2

?Propulsion Modification 1

?Magazine Modification 1

?AA Guns Modification 2

?Steering Gears Modification 1
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  1. Not as much of a garbage scow as Cyclone but still pretty bad. A DD that can’t smoke, effectively can’t stealth torp either and has a gimmick of gimped DFAA that won’t really help anything since the AA rating is so bad anyway? Yeah, no thanks.

    Given the leaks about the Dunkirk event don’t mention this or Cyclone being reward ships (the rewards they mention being the “epic” British captain, Dunkerque camo and the same flags as the Hunt for Bismarck event) I’m wondering if these are bot ships for the Dunkirk scenario. That’s what I’m hoping they are anyway.

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