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World of Warplanes: Update Patchnotes

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Post-battle statistics

The post-battle statistics window has been made significantly more detailed, so you can see just exactly what impact you had in your battles. Use this to find areas of improvement as well as where you shine in a team.

In the new window, you will see that aerial and ground targets are broken down into their specific types, as are sectors. As well as this, capture points are broken down into attack and defence.

Player Ratings

Win prizes for your participation in the currently running event. A player rating system has been added for those of you enjoying Operation Westwall for the last three weekends of the event – hopefully this can help you in your quest for one of the brand new planes! Players will be placed into one of five leagues after each battle weekend according to their Personal points score earned in the Invasion and Attrition game modes, and the placings and rewards will work as follows:

First League1-1030 Westwall Certificates and 100,000
Second League11-10015 Westwall Certificates and 50,000
Third League101-5005 Westwall Certificates and 30,000
Fourth League501-250030,000
Fifth League> 250015,000

The ratings will be cleared before the next battle weekend and the rewards will be sent out to players the day after the battle stage ends.

Terminology change

Mastery points will be removed from the game interface completely. Their original intention was to be a way to assess players’ results in battle and to calculate XP rewards, but they ended up instead being quite confusing.

Game Guide

An illustrated guide has been added to the game client which includes helpful information on the game’s basics such as game modes, mechanics, aircraft progression, and game economics. We hope that players will find this useful as they begin, or want to learn more about, their journey.

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  1. still not seeing any feature that makes me not want 1.9 back.

  2. What? I hated Warplanes before the 2.0 came out… If having 600 players was “the game was better” than it is now… **** me mate 😀

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