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World of Warplanes Supertest: U.S.A XF-85 – Fighter

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The McDonnell XF-85 Goblin was an American prototype fighter aircraft conceived during World War II by McDonnell Aircraft. It was intended to be deployed from the bomb bay of the giant Convair B-36 bomber as a parasite fighter. The XF-85’s intended role was to defend bombers from hostile interceptor aircraft, a need demonstrated during World War II. Two prototypes were constructed before the program was terminated.

XF-85 will be introduced as a Tier IX in the near future, all stats are from Supertest and subject to change.



Cowling-mounted weapon



?4?x?12.7 mm M3

General Statistics

Tier 9
Hitpoints 350
Weight 2 700
Firepower 343
Shell mass 0
Airspeed 908
Top speed at sea level 900
Top speed at best altitude 900
Optimum altitude 2 500
Dive speed 950
Stall speed 200
Climb rate 75
Optimum speed 525
Maneuverability 862
Time to turn 360 deg 10.3
Roll rate 140
Controlability 86.8


Health 350
Dive speed 264
Stall speed 55.6
Weight 1 900


Type Jet
Thrust 13 610
Top speed at best altitude 139
WEP time 6
Weight 560

Cowling-Mounted Gun

Autoaim angle 4.5
Dispersion angle 0.7
Overheat time 20
Recoil dispersion 0
AP 70
Firepower 80
Rounds per minute 1 200
Bullet fly distance 167
Bullet mass 0.025
Bullet speed 356
Bullet velocity 900
Caliber 12.7
Weight 60

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warplanes Supertest: U.S.A XF-85 – Fighter

  1. I wish Wowp was like Warthunder in the aspect in that .50 cals arent completely useless and have a bonus of setting enemies on fire. As a player of both games, I just want a fun and balanced game.

  2. It was a parasite fighter prototype. It’s wings folded, and it would fly in the bomb bay of B-29s and B-36s. It would hook up back again. It got scratched when they noticed refueling planes mid-air was a much more viable option

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