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World of Warplanes: Soviet I-207/4 – Multirole Fighter

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The last developed version of the I-207 fighter. The aircraft was supposed to have the properties of both high-speed monoplanes and manoeuvrable biplanes. The prototype was built by the spring of 1941, but the project was discontinued.

Introduced in the game as a Tier IV Multirole Fighter, its machine gun armament is very effective in close combat, has good airspeed and boost, high manoeuvrability in horizontal turns, effective in low-altitude combat and in destroying small amounts of ground targets and can carry small bombs. But remember, it has low survivability, so keep away from fights where you can be focused.



Synchronized weapon
Outboard weapon



?4 x 7.62 mm ShKAS (1933)

?No weapons

?2 x FAB-100


Tier 4
Hitpoints 140
Weight 2 240
Firepower 124
Shell mass 200
Airspeed 460
Top speed at sea level 500
Top speed at best altitude 500
Optimum altitude 600
Dive speed 550
Stall speed 80
Climb rate 43.2
Optimum speed 272
Maneuverability 989
Time to turn 360 deg 8.6
Roll rate 120
Controlability 84


Health 140
Dive speed 153
Stall speed 22.2
Weight 1 600


Type Air cooled
Power 1 000
Top speed at best altitude 88.9
WEP time 5
Weight 520

Synchronized Weapon

Autoaim angle 4
Dispersion angle 0.8
Overheat time 20
Recoil dispersion 0
AP 50
Firepower 30
Rounds per minute 1 500
Bullet fly distance 122
Bullet mass 0.01
Bullet speed 267
Bullet velocity 800
Caliber 7.62
Weight 30

Outboard Weapon

Caliber FAB-100 STR
Weight 100
Explosion damage 2 100
Explosion radius 13.3
Effective explosion radius 4.44
Explosion delay 3
Lock range 3.33
Start acceleration 6.67
Acceleration scale 0.2
Dispersion angle 5

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