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World of Warplanes: November Event Calendar

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November Bargains

November 01 – December 01

As always, the Premium Shop will be shining the spotlight on some of our best warplanes in special bundles all month. Look out for a Chinese bundle for collectors, our new Ready for Takeoff and Ready for Combat packages, and opportunities to boost your reserves and maximise your experience with Gold and Premium Account time deals!

Battle Missions!

November 6 – December 1

Dive head-first into a series of new battle missions throughout the month! Take your opponents through Warfare 101 on November 6, walk the Last Line on November 13, set some ambitious Career Goals on November 17, embark on a mission of Retaliation on November 20, and begin your Victory March on November 27!

World of Warplanes Turns 4!

November 10 – November 24

World of Warplanes launched four years ago in November 2013 so it would be rude not to celebrate with some cake, bundles, and battle missions! Watch out for Birthday bundles and a weekend special launching on November 10!

Black Friday

November 24 – November 27

Why do battle with fellow consumers in department stores when you can easily grab a bargain on the Premium Shop and take to the skies instead? We’ve got plenty of deals lined up to mark Black Friday, with some battle missions to go along with them to substitute the feeling of competing with other shoppers in person!