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World of Warplanes: Attrition Returns!

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It’s almost the middle of the year already! Time flies, and at this point in the year things can start to feel a little… stale. So, let’s keep things fresh, have some fun, and win some prizes!

If you’re a fan of a good ol’ dogfight, then rejoice! The newly released update, Update, heralds the return of the Attrition game mode for three weekends starting from this weekend, May 23. To quickly refresh you on the basics of Attrition:

  • Planes of Tiers IV+
  • Dogfight mode – destroy enemy aircraft!
  • Control sectors
  • Have the most resources by the end.

Dates and times:

  • 25 May at 18:00 UTC – 28 May at 02:00 UTC
  • 1 June at 18:00 UTC – 4 June at 02:00 UTC
  • 8 June at 18:00 UTC – 11 June at 02:00 UTC

On other dates, the Conquest game mode will remain active.


When you play this mode and earn Personal Points while flying planes of Tier IV or higher, you will place on a leaderboard. Depending on where you end up on this leaderboard, you will earn prizes.

First LeaguePlaces 1 – 10
Second LeaguePlaces 11 – 1000
  • Regular pilot with 3 skill points
  • 350
Third LeaguePlaces 1001 – 2500
  • 200
  • 100,000
Fourth LeaguePlaces 2501 – 5000
  • 100,000

The nationality of the pilots are as follows:

  • First weekend: USA pilots
  • Second weekend: USSR pilots
  • Third weekend: German pilots

If it so happens that you are placed in First League but already have the unique pilot for that weekend, you will receive a regular pilot with 5 skill points from that nation.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warplanes: Attrition Returns!

  1. dog fights and cap areas just don’t belomg together. and as long as there are no physics (like we used to have in 1.9), this mode is still totally worthless. still hoping for WG to bring back some playability. after all, there is only WoWs left over for them to euthanise with their greed and incompetence.

  2. I’m not saying that World of Warplanes is good now, but it’s much better than it was before. Dogfights in World of Warplanes has always been lacking, it’s only about shooting and having teammates, there has never been any skill involved in out manouvering your opponents since all you need to do is to move your mouse and yaw/pitch/roll is handled automatically. This creates a situation where if you get someone on your tail and they have a smaller turn radius, you’re screwed unless you have teammates that helps you out. Now we all know how rare teamwork is in any of the World-of-games. So basically a player waits in queue, and then waits on loading screen, and then waits for countdown, and then waits to fly into the actual battle, just be shot down after 1 or 2 minutes. That’s why respawns is good in a game like World of Warplanes. However, as expected by WG, they messed up respawns and instead of using real respawns as they do in the Battlefield games, they ofc had to come up with their own dumb ideas with spawn delays and storms.

  3. This is the only reason to play Warplanes, free gold.

  4. I am genuinely stunned by the amount of people actually playing during this special… I thought this was gonna be easy but I can’t even get into the top 10! And some of them will play through the night!

    Sigh… I hope I can at least get some gold outta this, sheesh.

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