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World of Warplanes 2.0 Released

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World of Warplanes Version 2.0 is ready for launch.

Key Features in Version 2.0

This is our biggest update since we released the game in the November of 2013 and we will bring major changes to almost every game mechanic. And remember: this is only the beginning. We plan to bring you updates regularly and improve the game even more!

New Game Mode “Conquest”

The focus of the gameplay was shifted from deathmatch-style dogfights to tactical superiority on the battlefield that can be achieved through active interaction between the different classes. In the new Conquest mode, a team that attacks or defends key sectors on the map in a meaningful and coordinated way and successfully engages aircraft of all types, stands a better chance of winning. There is also room for personal skill, especially for the most skill-dependent aircraft classes like fighters: a skilled player can easily repel an attack on a sector or capture sectors patrolled by light aircraft.

Aircraft Types

The parameters of all aircraft types were reviewed so that each of the types effectively fulfils their type-specific missions and have their own distinctive strengths and weaknesses:

  • Fighters destroy soft airborne targets and ground target defence
  • Multirole Fighters are capable of assaulting ground targets and shooting down airborne targets
  • Heavy Fighters are excellent at making quick strikes on ground targets and intercepting enemy heavy aircraft
  • Attack Aircraft and Bombers quickly destroy ground targets in sectors by firing with large-calibre cannons and outboard weapons, or bombing from high-altitudes.

Bombers are an absolutely new class that have been asked for by players for a long time. Compared to other classes, bombers have high survivability, altitude performance, powerful defensive armament, and a large payload of bombs. They drop bombs on enemy territories from high altitudes where only certain other types can intercept them. We think fans of measured tactical gameplay will appreciate them. You can pick a target, approach it, drop bombs on it, and prepare for and make the next bomb run. Bombers have a special camera mode called the bomb sight. In this mode, players can see targets below them, adjust the flight path with the mouse, and accurately drop their bombs.

Once the Update has been released you will have a chance to play the three new bombers for free until 30 October. Look out for the separate announcement, which is coming soon!

Players flying aircraft equipped with rear guns can now switch to the manual rear gun control mode. Thanks to this mode, players can defend more efficiently against enemies on their tails by picking the most dangerous enemies or those with fewest HP as a target.

In-Game Goals and Mechanics

Maps are now set up in a way that will generate more diversity in battles. Each map contains key territories with their own functions and values. The least valuable territories earn fewer influence points.

  • Airfields can: be chosen as respawn points, repair damaged aircraft, and allow choosing other aircraft models for further battle
  • Command Centers regularly call in bombers to attack enemy territories
  • Military Bases launch rocket strikes on enemy territories
  • Mining Plants earn a large number of influence points

Each type of area is protected in a different way and requires a different amount of effort to be captured. Success requires team coordination and the consolidated efforts of different types of aircraft. Fighters will not be able to survive long under powerful AA gun fire, while attack aircraft will easily destroy any target on the ground, but will not be able to resist the attack by the defending AI aircraft.


One of the main new features in the update is the ability to re-enter the same battle. There is now no need to disengage from a fight and try to save the last hit points after receiving heavy damage. Losing a plane does not mean the end of the battle any more. Players can respawn several times during each battle. The delay for this increases after every destruction. This means they can make their contribution to victory until the battle is over.

Thanks to respawn, players will be able to spend more time in battle and less on approaching the front line or waiting for another battle in the Hangar.


Active and efficient engagement in battles will earn players credits and experience, similar to the way they were earned in the previous versions. Prices for ammunition and consumables will not be increased, although they will improve player performance more significantly.


Not only did we completely change the main game mechanics, we also updated the graphics. The visual aspect of the game now gives a better feeling of flight, altitude, and airspeed. Dozens of new visual effects were added to the game to not only improve the look of the game, but also to help players understand what is going on in battle.


The battle interface was redesigned almost from scratch: the default interface mode now shows only the most necessary information without distracting players from combat. The alternative interface mode that is enabled by pressing “Alt” also shows detailed information about targets, the state of the player’s aircraft, the battle progress, and so on.

Update 2.0 is the first step towards a global change in the game. The change of the game mode provides opportunities for developing the game in new directions. However, it is still too early to specify these directions. The next steps will be implemented in the upcoming major updates 2.1 and 2.2. Wwill be adding functions to help new players quickly get the hang of the game as well as separate end-game modes for veterans to encourage them to spend more time in the game and to research top aircraft by granting unique awards to them. 

We shifted the focus from dogfights to teamwork and interaction between aircraft classes when capturing and defending key territories. The idea of overhauling the game existed for a long time. We came up with several prototypes. Nine months ago, we started to do rigorous research and looked for ways of implementing our ideas. Update 2.0 is the first of three major updates that will turn World of Warplanes into a more exciting and popular game.

The controls in the new game mode became more player-friendly and clear for all players. Many interface elements make it clear what should be done with a certain class of aircraft.

Source: World of Warplanes Portal

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Warplanes 2.0 Released

  1. the final poke into a dead body of a game I enjoyed more than the other WG games. now we have the unrewarding tank-milkfest and the flying-on-rails pedobear of a “flying” game, attracting kids with their ******ed flight “physics” and controls, throwing a billion medals at them for clicking battle to rape a few extrabucks out of them. Lets wait and see how they mess up the warships in the future.

    I apologise for my language, but I’ve never been so disappointed in WG like I am now. Crapping all over TWO of their games now – games, which seemed so mature, rich and filled with valuable technical content with mostly historical background. I wanted to become old with these games, as they meet exactly my (and many other people’s) historical and engineering interests, while being fun and competitive. After playing video- and computer games for 28 years now, WG are the first one to ruin the fun so hard, that one has to ponder if it’s even worth to keep playing anything at all. Dammit all to hell.

  2. at least you don’t have to aim/lead anymore. Even if I shat out of my cockpit, it would hit and kill the enemy 1km ahead of me. Goddamn dumbing down for the ******ed folks…

  3. Played tiers 8 and 9. Felt like leading was hardly necessary, sprayed and prayed super successfully (at enemy planes, flying a GA).
    And the insane rear gunner auto aim makes no sense to me. Adds neither fun nor efficiency, if you only choose the target you want to click away.

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