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World of Warplanes: 1 Day of Premium

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Hello everyone,

To celebrate International Women’s Day, World of Warplanes have a couple of special missions just for 24 hours and one of them you can get 1 Day of Premium. Why should you care? Don’t forget Premium time is shared between all Wargaming games, so if you want a free 1 Day Premium, get out there and win a single battle.

Special: International Women’s Day

Mission: Our Sincere Gratters

  • Win a battle
  • 1 Day of Premium
  • 5 x Pneumatic Restarter
  • 5 x First Aid Dressing
  • 5 x Manual Fire Extinguisher
  • Once per Account

Mission: Holiday Emblem

  • Win 10 battles
Reward Special Emblem

  • Once per Account