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World of Tanks – WOT Weekly Update 9.18

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – WOT Weekly Update 9.18

  1. They can talk this patch up all they want, they still f*cked up the tier 9 and 10 light tanks…

  2. How they can Nerf, something was not there before? btw the tier9 are old tier 8s with better gun and in general performance. Although the last is what I read from player reports, I’m in EU cluster..

  3. The tanks had stats on the sandbox server, and the 1ste public test server.. after that they made the tier 10 light tanks toothless tigers, and nerfed the vieuw range of the tier 8/9 to the ground.. they are all impotent little tanks now.

  4. Match Maker, Tier X lights and Arty modifications are all utter Garbage. Thanks wargaming for the most [edited] up patch ever.

  5. Match making improvements, Tier X light tanks and Arty nerves are all utter garbage. Now these two Muppet’s in the YouTube try to make the cluster [edited] caused by wargaming look pretty. 9.18 is the worst patch ever and now wargaming is talking of rushing in 9.19 to screw the game up even more….RIP WoT!!!

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