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World of Tanks: Wheeled Vehicles Soon

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World of Tanks will finally get wheeled vehicles added to the game, Wargaming will make the official announcement at Gamescom 2018.


Image created by Milkyman for TDB

It will be an interesting turn for the game, with fast and light vehicles that aren’t moved on tracks. If Wargaming follows previous announcements at Gamescom, like it did for Swedish tanks, we could be expecting the first wheeled vehicles to be released over Christmas 2018, but we will have to wait and see. Could this be a game changer or should they not really be introduced? Gamescom 2018 starts tomorrow, the 21st of August and ends on 25th of August.

Source: WOT Express


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Wheeled Vehicles Soon

  1. The real question is, how the hell do you track the wheeled vehicles? This should be interesting 😀

  2. I think it will be “destroying” a road wheel… not going to be 100% accurate, as some of these vehicles could still go even without one wheel (the ones with 6 for example)… none the less I’m interested to see how they will do in the game.

  3. Interesting gameplay, definitely would change the scouting meta.

  4. Finally. This means the Pak 40 Puma will most likely be in the game

  5. More bs tanks or armoured vehicles. We want new maps, and more of them.

  6. wg please make it more complex, beginner unfriendly and balancing will be more and more impossible.

    I would prefer to see more maps instead of thousand tanks. just my opinion.

  7. I’m seriously wondering in what sense these tanks will play differently from lights, especially since lights already have rather low penetration guns

  8. WG, most players would prefer fixed MM not some BS wheels and probably even more BS premium wheels…
    And fixed sound would be nice, when someone smacks you there sould be some sound…

  9. They can’t sell the maps the same way the sell tanks… Right ?

  10. Maybe like a trapper of sorts ? Smoke screens, traps for tanks, maybe ?

  11. This could be interesting but Id rather have a fixed matchmaker, soundfixes and finally, after years if powercreep, some love for german Tanks, especially the Tiger II, Leopard PT and Leopard 1

  12. It also means they could add British scout line since that’s the first thing that comes to mind. I don’t know if it’s the step in the right direction, though. In that case, they should expand toward tier XX where we could have modern tanks (like adding WoT 2.0 on the existing game).

  13. Hey if those wheeled vehicles come in the game. Maybe we will get the machine guns in action that are on the tanks to take down these wheeled vehicles.

  14. For instance you put a Puma armored car with a 50mm gun next to the Panzer III J with the 50mm.
    Identical guns in full turrets.
    Panzer has more armor, enough to block pew pew guns at least.
    Panzer would have more mobility with tracks in poor terrain.
    Puma gets much more raw speed, on solid ground and roads.
    I’ll ***ume that while Panzer is a medium, the Puma will get light tank spotting benefits. Probably view range.

  15. i dont think that they sould be intoduced , i dont see them as real tanks

  16. We know a little bit how they will be played since we already played a wheeled vehicle on the WW1 Escort mission, some time ago.

  17. Things get fixed after they are broken, and MM is broken.
    I would explain how, but you are probably a troll so it does not matter…

  18. Interesting, I would like to see what the icon looks like and see if they’d introduce a full line or just 1 or 2 premiums

  19. They would either need to be low tier, WWI or WWII vehicles, or high tier, Cold War and later, type vehicles to maintain what p***es for game balance. Having something like a Stryker going against something like an M12 would be unimaginable. But let’s see what is actually going to happen, THEN rant….LOL

  20. Armored Warfare? Fun? Probably. Dead? Definetely. You might as well play with rocks and pretend it’s tanks.

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