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World of Tanks: What’s left to reveal in 2017?

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According to our good friend from, Wargaming still has a few surprises left for 2017. Unofficial information revealed plans to release another Sandbox test and a new tank customization system, all before the Christmas holidays.

Wargaming has revealed, earlier this year, information they were testing an advanced 2D customization system and had plans to introduce it by the end of 2017. Players will be able to change colours and other elements in their tanks, but we wouldn’t be able to get pink tanks. Furthermore, an option to only display historical camouflages will be added later, so players who don’t like the Liberté or Patriot, will be able to “hide them”, just like World of Warships has for special skins.


A further 3D mechanism will be added in 2018, and this will enable players to add items to their tanks, ie: sandbags, helmets, etc. 3D items added won’t give any bonus or advantage to players who use them, meaning it won’t affect gameplay it will all just be cosmetics.


Winter maps might be what’s next to be tested on Sandbox, but the information can’t be confirmed just yet. We recently had the opportunity to test twelve new high definition maps but none were set on winter, so this is something players will be looking forward to seeing and test.


Last but not least, we should expect another Advent Calendar and a New Year’s event, as per previous years. We should expect good sales opportunities and a chance to get that rare tank that Wargaming might decide to sell during the event.

Please Note: The previous information can’t be presently confirmed, but it comes from a highly trusted source.


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: What’s left to reveal in 2017?

  1. “Players will be able to change colours and other elements in their tanks, but we wouldn’t be able to get “pink tanks.“ Hmm so no pink panther?? 😉

  2. Who wants to bet the 3D sandbags, helmets, etc. will not be free? Like War Thunder…

    I hope they’ll be part of weekly missions or something like that.

    Changing colors on tanks most likely means just being able to fiddle around with the color schemes of existing camo patterns, right? Or are they gonna allow us to customize emblem sizes/colors? We’ll see.

  3. “Players will be able to change colours and other elements in their tanks, but we wouldn’t be able to get pink tanks. ”
    What’s the point then?

  4. you can get the LRDG “pink panther” camo on british vehicles in game. i’m ***uming that’s what you were referring to

  5. man i really like this, they should have done this long time ago, time to decorate my maus

  6. It might also be that you can change the actual base color of your tank. Like the germans had that Dunkelgelb, US had different hues of green/olive. Even some light blue tanks. Brithish had the desert and olive colors, russians also had different hues of olive green. And so on. Maybe they will widen the inscriptions/emblems variety (i so want to be able to put german emblems on my KV-2)

  7. Im rly looking forward to both 2D and 3D customization but “sandbags, helmets, etc. 3D items added won’t give any bonus” is slightly bothering me – while I absolutely see the balance reason and there you have to agree with it, there is that confusing thing even now with like half of the track links work as spaced/increased armour and half is cosmetic I would like to have it a bit more consistent -> nothing dangling from tanks works/everything works and using eyes is benefit.

  8. Main issue really is balance. It would give advantage to players having them, and that would create m***ive problems in the game.

  9. Itl be great to use desert camo on my German tanks the way it really was.Wonder if they will let us change th Mutz camo and remove the bear on the side.Itl be great if we could remove the antennae on the Mutz as well as that is a definitive give away.All you have to do is hide with a Td and watch the antennae come up and you know its a Mutz.You dont have to see the tank and when he pops out you nail him.Ive got one and know the feeling as I own the whole German line except arty’s as I dont like playing them

  10. Perhaps the new camo colours can be used to stop the Czech tanks looking like they have been smeared in excrement? It must easily be the most disappointing and generic camo pattern in the game so an option sounds wonderful.

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