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World of Tanks – What’s coming in 9.16 – Updated

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Hello everyone,

Seems Wargaming is sharing more and more information. Patch notes for update 9.16 have just been released and it’s officially out for Supertest. Here’s what we can expect from Update 9.16.

Updated: Updated with English pictures, Battle Chat Modifications and a few translations errors.

Source: World of Tanks Russian Portal

This is preliminary update content. The final set of update features will be revealed just before release.


The First Swedish Tank

In mid August at Gamescom we announced the introduction of the Swedish tanks to the game. In Update 9.16 the first Swedish Medium Premium Tank will be available, Tier VI Strv m/42 Alt. A.2. The tank project was to install a French AMX 13 turret on the Strv m/42 chassis. The French roots of the project led to a magazine loading system. This will be the first Premium Medium Tank with a magazine system.

The tank has a crew of three and it will be suited for training crews for the “top-end” tanks from the Swedish branch of Heavy Tanks.

Strv m/42 Alt. A.2. Crew

New Map – Paris

Paris map was originally created for the Rampage Mode, but now it has been converted to fit into random battles. The map is divided into three areas, urban that is suitable for close combat, open area near the river Seine that allows more mobile tanks to roam free and the central square the most dangerous area, that allows you to fire to any location but doesn’t offer any reliable cover.

“Battle Chat” Modifications – Updated

We have received quite a bit of community feedback that “Battle Chat” between the teams during a battle has been a source not only of abusive language, but also of “griefing” and cheating. The cross-team chat often becomes too emotional and provocative, or is used to reveal your team’s position to the opponents. To prevent this, we’ve decided to disable the cross-team “Battle Chat” in all battle types except Team Training.

In addition, same-team Battle Chat can also be a source of toxicity, and so that chat will also receive a new feature: when hovering over another player’s nickname or a message from that player, the player will not only have the option to complain about another player or blacklist that player, but also to block messages from that player during the battle (or “muting”).  This option will be recipient-based; the muted player can type messages, but the player who muted them won’t see them.  This allows players to ignore or not receive messages from players they find offensive in battle.  The complaint system will also allow players to register a complaint about players using offensive language, but muting them will also mean they don’t have to continue reading it.

Recover Premium Tanks & Crews

You will be able to recover that Premium tank or Crew that you accidentally sold from the Garage, no more need to contact the Client Support Team.

Improved Spotting Mechanism – Updated

In a continuing effort to optimize our server code performance, we’ve greatly improved the time it takes to display a vehicle that’s been spotted.

Vehicle Comparison in Garage – Updated

Players will now be able to compare tanks inside the garage using the new Tank Compare module.

Popular Modifications Added to the game

Players have been asking this for a long time, and the most popular modifications have been added to the game.

Carousel – Updated

There will be three options for the carousel, Standard, Duplex and Minimalist. The game automatically changes to Minimalist if the screen resolution is lower than 900 pixels vertically.

Damage Indicators – Updated

Players will have an option to activate extra panels where it will show the following:

New Minimaps

 In this update, we are adding 15 more minimaps into the game: Cliff, El Halluf, Ensk, Erlenberg, Fisherman’s Bay, Kharkov, Lakeville, Malinovka, Arctic Region, Murovanka, Prokhorovka, Swamp, Paris, Widepark and Westfield.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – What’s coming in 9.16 – Updated

  1. Thank god they finally added carousel. I mean WoWS has had it forever and even WoWP has had it for some time i believe… Also that upgrade in spotting system is greatly welcome hopefully it doesn’t have weird side effects/bugs attached to it

  2. I bet the recover tank feature will be available only from now on, not for the tanks you have sold ages ago.

  3. Italian tanks have been talked about, not sure when they are coming, and if WG is actually going to put them in the game. Last time WG mentioned Italian tanks was at Gamescom and “I can’t discuss that information at the moment”, that means they are looking into it at least.

  4. The introduction of these new features means mods will die out soon. Would expect something in the next patches at least.

  5. Port, Hidden Valley, Dragon Ridge, North America, and the one with the island in the middle ( until it was modded) . All great maps that should have just been reworked instead of being removed. Now it feels like we run through the same four or five maps all the time, does not appear any rotation at all.

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