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World of Tanks – What to expect from Light Tanks Changes

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Hello everyone,

As you are all aware, Wargaming announced they will be extending Light Tank lines up to Tier X. Because I was there I got this information first hand but also enabled me to have a conversation with Thaine Lyman, World of Tanks Product Director to more information and to share my ideas with him.

*This article was based on the conversation I had with Thaine Lyman.

Thaine Lyman – World of Tanks Product Director

New Light Tanks

Light Tanks showed during the World of Tanks Developer panels aren’t just Tier X ones, some of them are Tier IX. Wargaming is planning to expand the American, German, French, Chinese and Russian light tanks up to Tier X. It doesn’t mean it the new Light Tanks will all be Tier IX and X, some of the current ones might get moved to a new Tier, currently Wargaming is still looking into this. Unfortunately Thaine couldn’t give me more details regarding these changes. Other Nations might be getting Tier X Light Tank lines, but these depend on what Wargaming is able to find and if they fit into the game.

I’ve showed my concerns that the new Tier X Light Tanks could be a “replacement” for Tier X Mediums if they are not implemented correctly, so Thaine explained that they will test View Range nerfs and other changes on the Sandbox Server. They do not want to break the game, extensive test will be done with the players and this will enable Wargaming to deliver what the players expect from them. Wargaming doesn’t want Tier X Light Tanks to replace Mediums, they want an hybrid tank but with its own role, spotting but at the same time be fun to play and be able to deal with some of their opponents.

Changes to Light Tanks will also bring changes to other classes, the idea is that with these changes, Heavy Tanks, Tank Destroyers, Medium Tanks, Light Tanks and SPG will have it’s specific task in the battle.

Thaine explained to me that all these changes will come together with the new MatchMaking System, what players are currently calling MM 2.0. The introduction of Tier IX and X Light it’s part of it and a necessary change to the game. These tanks will enable to change the current MM for Light Tanks to a -2 and +2 level, just as any other class. This will make one of the most difficult class to Master a lot easier to learn and understand. Players won’t be playing with their Tier V against Tier VIII tanks any more, meaning they will have the opportunity to do something and not be punished for a single mistake during a battle.

But this will also change another aspect in the game: Clan Wars. Until now, Light Tanks had almost no place, I’ll say almost because some might actually could be used for specific tasks and maps, in Clan Wars. But introducing Tier X Light Tanks to the game and nerfing view range for Medium Tanks, will make tanks like the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t useless for what they currently are used for: scout! I know it depends a lot on the maps and tactics each Clan use, but dramatic changes will come and in my opinion these are good changes.

What you guys think, do you welcome these changes and new tanks? Or do you believe Wargaming should have tried something different?

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – What to expect from Light Tanks Changes

  1. This could be potentially dangerous. Light tanks in their own tier are pretty OP. Just look at how many people use Chaffees in tier V tournaments, T-54 Lightweights in tier VIII and so on.

  2. Light tanks will be rebalanced in general, changes will be done on the Sandbox Server before implementing anything in the game. That was one of my arguments with Thaine too, but was ***ured WG will do everything they can to NOT break the game. They understand how dangerous it an be these changes, but also understand that light tanks at the moment are not balanced.

  3. I love the idea of giving the cl***es different “tasks” because then there will be a reason to choose what cl*** to play (-compared to right now where I’m driving some medium lines instead of ligt because the meiums can be scouts aswell….)

  4. Maybe they also fix the E5 medium/heavy/TD/scout to somewhat balanced in case of armor, view range, camo and so on…
    Or the Grille.
    Or the Skodas.

  5. I haven’t been playing much for a year or more now, but had been primarily a light tank driver before, so I look forward to the new tanks and since I’ve been wanting to get back into the game, I’ll probably grind the tier Xs regardless of what the changes to MM and tank cl***es turn out to be.

  6. Some separete and distinct role for tanks is a nice ideea but a crappy one. In reality all players on the tier 10 tanks will do 2 things … 1. They will go in suicide rushes on enemy tanks and will die in the first minute. 2. They will camp behind arty to do some mounstrous damage as snipers with their brand new tier 10 guns. So in neither cases they woun’t do wat’s suppose to do…to scout. With view range nerfed at all cl***es the team with at least one decent light player will win. The other team will be killed without even seeing what is killing them.
    So, depending too much from a cl*** will ruin and brake the game. Now, even arty can defend themself because it,s view range allow it to see the enemy ,aim and shoot.
    They can bring all tier 10 lights in the game but stop that ideea of nerfing view range of the other cl***es. Maybe wg will extend the view range of the new lights and leave along the view range of the other cl***es.

  7. The problem of leaving other cl***es with big view range, is that they will camp and snipe! If only the Light Tanks can “spot” then other tanks will have to move if these light tanks aren’t doing their jobs.

  8. If I have understood correctly, the entire light line will be moved up 1 tier, so you cant use t54 lightweights anymore in t8 matches or chaffees in tier 5, I highly doubt that they will do much change to them other than a health increase (maby)

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