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World of Tanks: What is coming next?

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Wargaming has released a new video where we can get more information about Update 1.0. Together with it, they have shared more information about upcoming changes, events, etc. I’ve done a small digest of what I consider the most important information.

  • Based on surveys, overall the players like all reworked maps.
  • There are plans to rebalance 10 maps, but no complete reworks at the moment, just light balance changes.
  • Studzianki is of course connected with Poland and will be released, if all goes according to plan, with the Polish tanks. It was easier to create because it’s not a city map.
  • Wargaming has two plans for Kharkov: rebalance and change it again or create a brand new one with the characteristic plaza.
  • Wargaming has plans to revive a few of the old maps, but not Dragon’s Ridge.
  • There is curious 2 in 1 idea to bring Port back to the game.
  • Wargaming is working on an urban, rural and some specific regional maps.
  • Havok brought the opportunity to bring new things. Wargaming won’t promise to bring all or any of it, but night battles, new destruction features, weather, etc, if players like it, it might get introduced if justified.
  • New content is now the priority, and Wargaming has quite a lot planned for the near/medium future.
  • Personal Missions 2.0 is currently being worked on and will be released in 2018.
  • New game features and new game modes will be introduced this year.
  • Crews will be completely reworked, Wargaming is trying to bring this in 2018, but it depends on how it goes.
  • There are several in-game events planned for 2018.
  • KV-5 will be soon tested in Supertest with the new changes.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: What is coming next?

  1. Bring on the night, bring on the weather!

    What does “new destruction features” mean exactly?… I’m kinda hoping it would be something like, if a tank is next to a large gas tank, such as the ones found on train wagons, the explosion would damage the tank? Possibly stun it? That would be pretty cool.

  2. I am looking forward to the announced changes of the KV-5. From what I’ve heard, these changes will be a blueprint for the changes of all premium tanks with preferential matchmaking, so they better be good. As things stand, I have a lot of old premiums for which I paid quite a lot of money back in the day, and which are really mediocre these days.

  3. That example of a destruction feature sounds awful. We dont need environmental based damage or stun sources.

    And as long as night battles and weather are only cosmetic, I wouldnt mind seeing them, but they shouldnt affect how the tanks perform.

  4. Players like all the reworked maps?
    Have they played Erlenberg with it’s hard camp gameplay and flat open ground with no features or cover?

  5. Agreed! KV-5 desperately needs a good buffing to be relevant again,as do many other premium tanks.

  6. i think the opposite: we should have foggy and / or rainy weather where the view range is nerfed by 10% or more. that would bring a whole new aspect to the game and light tanks/ team play gets more important. on winter maps where there is lots of snow you could nerf the terrain resistances of the tanks by a percentage.

    the night is even more interesting: you could make a mechanic where the tanks have working lights and search lights (as they already modeled) which lowers the camo rating but improves the view range. the other way around if you dont have the lights on you have increased camo rating. imagine the possibilities! even smoke or light ammunition for arty would be possible where a light grenade lowers the camo rating of enemies and smoke improves the camo of allies.

    i would love it. if many are against it make it choosable like grand battles or ***ault game mode right now. THIS is the future of WoT for me.

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