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World of Tanks – WGL GF Q&A Digest II – 28/05/17

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Hello everyone,

More information complied by WOT Express, from World of Tanks Developers did a Q&A at WGL Grand Finals.

Update #1: Updated at 11:30AM with more information.

Source: WOT Express


  • There will be no new maps released in 2017. Winter maps had atmospheric effects tested on Supertest.
  • No plans to release Italian branch this year.
  • New Clan War event will be announced soon, there is no plans for anything new on Global Map, at least until Autumn.
  • No plans to change platoons back.
  • 13 57 GF definitely won’t be sold again.
  • Light Tanks are balanced, Wargaming is monitoring statistics and they are performing normally.
  • PzKpfw IV hydrostat will be on sale again.
  • Trade-In list of tanks will be expanded.
  • MTLS has not been properly configured for two guns.
  • STB-1 is already in HD, currently without any details in it.
  • In 9.19 there will be a new “wave” of fixes on the servers to improve ping.
  • There are currently plans for new fun modes.
  • Current set of Personal Missions won’t be removed, but there are plans to release a new set of missions.
  • If testing is successful, player evaluation/rating might come to the game. (H: Introduced on WoT Blitz, seems good and might be a good addition to the game)
  • Maus and Type 5 Heavy have a few problems and might be fixed during the next patches.
  • Wargaming is trying to fix the issue with arty platoons, but wont reintroduce chat to all.
  • “War Games” were postponed after an unsuccessful start on RU and EU Servers.
  • There will be a Wargaming Fest this year again, month and city will be announced later.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – WGL GF Q&A Digest II – 28/05/17

  1. No plans for italian tree this year. yea sureeee. Nice job having your priorities right, like op new premiums and never existed polish tanks.

  2. “Light Tanks are balanced, Wargaming is monitoring statistics and they are performing normally.”

    Yeah, just what I thought about this…

    “MTLS has not been properly configured for two guns.”

    So why not configure it properly and release it?

  3. What about the mausturm for e100 when 6.6 patch arrived also why the chi ri ain’t gonna be buffed ? Will the new big mapspaved the way for amphibious tanks ? Do stb 1 will get siege mod ? I got alot of questions that needs?to be answered this is the small questions that never been answered by devs can we small groups voice out to our ideas and questions for just one Q&A

  4. Lmao…light tanks are fine…what game are they looking at?

    Other then very few exceptions they suck

  5. Why it was scrapped ? Will they gonna revive the idea on putting it back ?

  6. If I remember correctly the reasoning behind it was that it would have made the stock grind too long and it was going to be the only Tier X tank with a stock turret.

  7. And these exceptions are by accident mostly Russian… What a coincidence

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