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World of Tanks: Well-Deserved Reward Super Chaffee and 2D Style

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We don’t have to wait much longer for our Well-Deserved Reward, the annual gift that Wargaming gives to all World of Tanks players is coming on Thursday 26th. As we announced before, the upcoming free Gift Tank will be the American Tier VI Super Chaffee but that isn’t all.

This year we will also get a unique dynamic 2D Style to use in our tanks. The Well-Deserved style can change the inscription it displays, accordingly to the number of years you been playing the game, a nice feature if you are into these sort of things.

Of course, this isn’t’ everything, for those very special players who actively participated in the development of the game, will also receive a special decal. These decals will most probably be received by those who also got the 10th Anniversary Monoliths, this isn’t confirmed yet, but could be another special way from Wargaming to say thank you to these few players, contributors, etc.

The wait is almost over, four days left and you could receive an American Tier VI Super Chaffee, previous years tanks if you have an account for more than 4 years, a new 2D Style and the Random Reward Boxes filled with Consumables, Credits, Boosters, and much more. Are you excited for the rewards, or you think you deserved more? Let us know in the comment section.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Well-Deserved Reward Super Chaffee and 2D Style

  1. So the Super Chaffee it is. I was hoping for the AFK Panther, but well … we will get the chance to gamble for it in this year’s Christmas lootboxes, which isn’t gambling at all, of course, but something entirely different.

    Still, not to be ungrateful. A free special tank is always nice.

  2. Very nice. I wonder when the Well Deserved Reward video will be released. Any idea Harkonnen???

  3. Last year was like a couple of days before, so maybe we might see it very soon?

  4. AFK Panther isn’t coming this year at all, so don’t expect it in the Xmas boxes. Tank, from what I know, is due next year.

  5. Will it be tier 7? Wot Express (wot clue) sais it’s a tier 6 light tank. Which one is it???

  6. Nop, nothing. And knowing the problems from last year, expect it to be “water tight” and most probably no leaks at all.

  7. Looks like 6+ years you get the 2D style.. My account from 2015 gets no style

  8. If you sell your super hellcat before 26 nov, will you get it back on 26 nov?

  9. WG shows 3 Tanks. May i get all of them, or only the Chaffee, if i started to play WoT in 2016?

  10. If you are entitled to receive tanks, and have none, you get all three of them.

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