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World of Tanks Well-Deserved Reward 2021: VK 28.01 mit 10.5cm L/28

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It’s almost that time of the year, the Well-Deserved Reward will be announced today, around 1:00 PM (GMT) and it’s confirmed the German light tank VK 28.01 mit 10.5cm L/28 will join the list of vehicles rewarded to all players where their account is 4 years old or older!

If you don’t recognise the vehicle, then you haven’t been playing World of Tanks long enough! The VK 28.01 used to have a 105mm derp gun, many players weren’t happy when it was removed during light vehicles rebalance! Now, it’s back in its classical form as a Reward vehicle that you will be able to get for free if your account was created before the 4-year threshold! Full details, as what other rewards you can expect, will be announced shortly and I’ll publish all the information about it.

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