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World of Tanks: Welcome to Klondike

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Update 9.21 will bring a brand new Grand Battle map: Klondike, a direct response to players requests for bigger maps.



  • Setting: North America
  • Sizes: 1.4×1.4km
  • Mode: Grand Battles (Standard and Encounter formats—be sure to pick “Grand Battle,” “Standard” and “Encounter” in the game settings to get matched in both)
  • Objectives: Capture the base (the enemy base for Standard mode, or a neutral one for Encounter), or destroy all enemy vehicles.

Routes & Positions

Teams start in the southwestern and northeastern corners of the map, with three spawn points each, and three routes leading to enemy territory. Head north to a small mining town and attack the river bridge in the center, or venture into the abandoned settlement on an island to the south.

Whichever direction you defend or attack, stay focused on points of interest located in no man’s land between the two camps. Expect to battle hard for these areas: claiming them provides a tactical advantage over nearby land. Once you have control over points of interest, move on to capture the enemy’s defensive positions.


Mining Town

The town to the north features lots of corridors, buildings, and tight spaces, making it a go-to spot for heavy tanks and other well-armored vehicles.

Class-By-Class Strategy

  • If you rolled into town in a heavy tank, stay alert and always keep an eye out for bypass roads. Losing sight of them might leave you under fire from a sneaky opponent who closed in and now keeps sending shell after a shell your way.
  • Mobile medium and light tanks should stick to the bypass roads to catch enemies off guard and provide cover for allies.
  • If playing as a scout, support the team by detecting enemies who venture to the heart of the conflict.
  • The likes of the Grille 15 and Strv-103B can support a push by wearing down enemies from defensive positions on the map’s edges. If set up properly, snipers and SPGs that are likely to lay low there can greatly change the tide of the battle by stopping tanks dead in their tracks.


The island south of the central bridge features vast uncovered areas, speckled with miner’s cabins. It’s best suited for mobile vehicles that rarely stay put, relocating a lot and attacking enemies from afar.

Class-By-Class Strategy

  • If you ventured into the southern flank in a heavy tank, head to the island leading the attack. If the situation calls for it, you can move to the center of the map or play in defense. Try to read enemy moves and choose what works best for you and your team.
  • Scouts can leverage multiple open spaces to detect enemies or hug cabins and use their view range to reveal enemy positions.
  • Medium tanks can really spread their proverbial wings by firing from behind cover or working the first line alongside heavy tanks.
  • Support vehicles will feel at ease on the second line. Pick a tactic that best suits your play style, but generally lay low and send shots from mid-range. If you thrive on riskier maneuvers, there may be room for some hit-and-run tactics.
  • As for arty, they should keep to the third line, picking off detected enemies.

Central Bridge

The center of the map will likely be rather static until later on. At the beginning, most of the action is likely to occur on the northern and southern flanks as both teams try to conquer them to get a direct route to base. Once control of the flanks is seized, teams will channel greater forces to protect the bridge or take it over, depending on who took the flanks.

Class-By-Class Strategy

  • If you’re a heavy tank, your task is to stifle enemy attacks. As you draw shells, support-fire vehicles can assist friendlies in the town and on the island by putting pressure on the opposition hanging around there.
  • Mobile medium tanks can probe enemy defenses to find a breach or attack the other camp on the flanks.
  • Scouts should stay in the field, uncovering enemy positions and hunting down enemy LTs. Rolling in solo isn’t feasible—coordinate with support fire vehicles by feeding them crucial intel.
  • As a support vehicle or arty, always keep an eye on the minimap. Analyze the situation and provide support where it’s most needed, helping friendlies or suppressing enemy attacks.

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  1. Grand Battle Encounter on Klondike? I wonder if they’ll come up with an encounter mode for Nedelberg

  2. WG needs to resize or come out with appropriately sized maps for the various tiers. No tank should have a view range that covers more than 1/4 of the map.

  3. I really dont like the map.. it forces players into corridor areas.. lightly armored vehicles are of not much use.. I really don;t like it

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