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World of Tanks: Welcome the Czech Heavy Tank Branch

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The new Czechoslovakian heavy tank branch will be coming to World of Tanks very soon. The top vehicles will feature guns with a two-shell autoloader or a normal cyclic gun. Wargaming decided to call the option to have two different guns a new mechanic… Nonetheless, the Supertest of these vehicles will start soon, likely next week and we can expect them to be tested for a few weeks and introduced in a later patch, most likely with Update 1.13.1.

The new branch will start at Tier VII with the Vz.44-1, and will likely cost about 58,000 experience to unlock, so you can start grinding experience with the Škoda T 25. The Vz.44-1 will be very similar to the T 45, so not a great vehicle and easy to master and get introduced to the heavy tank branch.

At Tier VIII the TNH 105/1000 will be the first regular vehicle featuring the two new top guns, a two-shell autoloader and a regular cyclic gun. The biggest difference between the TNH 105/1000 and the T 56 Premium tank is average damage, where the regular Tier VIII will feature 320 HP and the Premium will feature a higher 460 HP, as the regular vehicle will have a 105 mm gun and the Premium a 130 mm.

Coming at Tier IX the TNH T Vz. 51. You will notice that while you still have two guns to use and the same two-shell autoloader, the alpha damage is now higher. This is the main change when you up the tech tree, the calibre of the top gun on each Tier will be higher and the vehicle will also be better armoured.

Last but not least at Tier X the Vz. 55, featuring a 130 mm gun with a decent 490 alpha damage. The vehicle will play similar to Soviet counterparts, with similar characteristics but you now will have a two-shell autoloader 130 mm gun!

More details will be available soon, once these vehicles are introduced to Supertest. Remember, we should expect these vehicles in a couple of updates time, but plans can change. Let us know what you think of these vehicles, will you be interested in grinding the new branch?

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Welcome the Czech Heavy Tank Branch

  1. This a pretty
    cool Line! That regular tech tree tier 8 though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Still waiting on a Tier 8 Japanese Premium Heavy that can train crews for the Type 4/5

  3. @Anonymous
    It’s pretty crazy they ddidn’t put jap premium T8 heavy. Maybe the line isn’t super popular, but it’s still free money to be made and I’m sure WG could find some blueprint to use (or pure fake, like it matters).

  4. wait so if you cant put gun rammer on autoloaders why would you choose the autoloading guns when you could have more dpm with the normal gun? will there we be able to use a gun rammer with the autoloader?

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