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World of Tanks – Valkyria Chronicles Tanks

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Hello everyone,

Took me some time but I managed to dig the information out. You might have heard about Valkyria Chronicles tanks, if not, these are a couple of tanks that are coming to the game as a partnership. World of Tanks Blitz already have them and now Wargaming is thinking on bringing them to World of Tanks PC.

Fear not, these seem to be exclusive vehicles for Asia Region, they don’t seem to have any plans yet to release them to other Regions.

World of Tanks Asia (Korea) Facebook page has published some images and said these are now in Supertest. Would you like such vehicles in the game? Or do you think its a little bit “over the top”?

Source: World of Tanks Asia Facebook Page


Update #1

World of Tanks Asia Facebook page just published the same images a few minutes ago, but the post is now in English. This confirms these tanks are being leaked by Wargaming as they normally do when sharing a bit of information from Supertest Server.

Update #2

Wargaming has confirmed these tanks are exclusive to Asia Server. Initial stats have been published.

9 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Valkyria Chronicles Tanks

  1. That tanks is not worth to try in WoT at all. This is my opinion.

  2. We need more stuff.. and why not ?! it’s a freaking game not a reality simulator.. those simulator shit are boring .. I want to have fun.. keep them out of competitions and clan wars and I want some way to earn them investimg time into the game

    1. But it isn’t an anime game. If it’s a Tiger with some Girls & Panzer shit on it, fuck me ain’t stopping me. But something that was pulled out of someones ass and made into an anime? nty. I’d buy one of those cheap anime games off steam then.

  3. Please do bring it on missions on the EU server wg,if only for the weeb haters to cry,but for a special tank from a very good franchise!
    It’s not like if someone who gets the tank in a mission(if it’s available this way)and doesn’t want it cannot sell it,oh no…

  4. if you want to have this game ruined like the blitz then do it.=_=

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