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World of Tanks – T71 CMCD – In-Game Pictures

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Hello everyone,

Massive thanks to Capitana_Zelda for sending in the replay, she spotted a T71 CMCD during a battle, by the looks of it from a Press Account being used at Arsenalen. Again, like other tanks I’ve recently showed pictures, no details when this vehicle is coming to the game.


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – T71 CMCD – In-Game Pictures

  1. You’re welcome! I’m really happy you could get some good images 🙂 hope you could get how it crashed but it was out of my range vision ^^U

    P.S: *she, I’m a girl 😛

  2. But…. Shouldn’t it have been rebalanced, since it was never sold?

    A Tier 7 scout with 175mm pen and 2.2k dpm is way too powerful to be sold! Wait… Seen WG’s recent plans about premiums, everything is possible.

  3. I give all three premiums spotted in batle a week, at most a month before they hit the game. That’s how much it took the defender and other premiums before it.

  4. Ahhh, it’s the cute T71. Plus that thing will get adapted to the new LT MM, so the stats will be nerfed

  5. Hmmm it’s in the store on the chinese server….. Guess it won’t take long any more to be released, Just like the Strv 81, the Tiger 2H and the jagdtiger H….. Exciting!

  6. WG NA announced that this month, a premium tank not previously sold will be released. Maybe it is this.

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