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World of Tanks Update 9.21: New French Heavy Branch

If you love French vehicles Update 9.21 will be something to look forward! Update 9.21 will introduce three new French heavy tanks: AMX 65 t, AMX M4 51 and AMX M4 54. The new mini-branch will start at AMX M4 45 and will keep the same playstyle up to Tier X. The new mini-branch will be a good alternative to the old fragile branch that ends on the AMX 50 B.

New French Heavy Branch

9.21 French Tree

AMX 65 t

AMX M4 MLE. 51

AMX M4 MLE. 54

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  1. Can’t wait to see the soft stats on the guns/tracks. The 120 on the T8 and the 127 on the T9 could be great….or terrible based on that. Also, the P/W and traverse is pretty good but could get wrecked due to bad resistances.

  2. From these stats, I’d say the Tier IX AMX M4 51 is the only one that I’m willing to switch between the 120/127 more frequently. I’ll prefer to use the more accurate and faster firing guns for the Tier VIII and X tanks, although I’m inclined to try out the 130mm on the Tier X… very chunky damage with 5 sec reload difference.

    1. I disagree on the T8, the aim time and premium rounds are better which will make it easier to deal with higher tier tanks, and since it’s a T8….. So as long as the soft stats aren’t terrible it should really be the way to go.

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