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World of Tanks Update 9.20: Marks of Excellence

Marks of Excellence are something some players use to show how good they can be with certain tanks, or even all of them. With the introduction of Ranked Battles and now with Wargaming announcing the new Epic Random Battles, one question arose: What will happen to Marks of Excellence at Tier X?

Circonflexes was one of the Community Contributors who had a lot of questions and thoughts about this, if you are interested in his opinion you can watch the following video.

Other Contributors and even players started to give similar feedback, on how hard it would become to even get a single mark for specific tanks (Tier X), how Marks of Excellence at Tier X would become RNG dependent, etc.

Based on the feedback Wargaming has come to a decision: Ranked Battles and Epic Random Battles will no longer be counted for Gun Marks. The information was posted by Ph3lan on World of Tanks official forum, but I  was also informed in conversation I had with MrConway.

Based on feedback, MoE’s will no longer be counted in Ranked Battles or Epic Battles, just regular randoms. Changes will bee applied on CT3.

These changes will be applied when Common Test Round 3 comes out, and will be applied on Live Server once Update 9.20 goes live. Great news for all of you who love to grind Marks of Excellence, but also for those who just want to casually get them.

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