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World of Tanks Update 9.20.1 Estimated Dates & Details

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More information about Update 9.20.1 is coming out and as per usual, estimated dates were published by WOT Express. I’ve also made a list with what to expect on Update 9.20.1 with some brand new information that was sent to me.


Please note the following dates are an estimate and subject to change without any warning.

  • 12-13 September: Information is prepared by Wargaming
  • 13-14 September: Official Update 9.20.1 Patch Notes
  • 14 September: Supertest Server goes Live
  • 18 September: Ranked Battles Beta Second Season starts
  • 21 September: Update 9.20.1 Public Test First Iteration
  • 5 October: Update 9.20.1 Public Test Second Iteration
  • Second Half of October: 9.20.1 Release
Source: WOT Express

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Update 9.20.1 Estimated Dates & Details

  1. Yeah, they glossed over that pretty hard. Both PR and WN8 are deeply flawed. WN8 doesn’t take into account support roles, PR takes battles into account in a way that can make a professional baddy look decent (mediocre with 50,000 battles=4500 PR). Either way, both systems need a major overhaul, and whichever one can effectively take the new stuff into account first will likely be used by the top clans.

  2. WN8 doesn’t take into account spotting/support for two reasons. One, spotting damage actually doesn’t actually greatly increase your win rate. Two, Wargaming refused to release any info through the API about spotting damage until long after WN8 was released. Also, when WN9 was being developed, it was shown that spotting damage has only a small effect on your win rate. WN8 is not deeply flawed just because it doesn’t take into account spotting damage. Spotting damage is highly overrated, especially with Wargaming’s tendency to make all new maps and map updates corridor maps. In fact, WN8 and WN9 have a high correlation with win rate for most players, especially when you just use solo pub battles in the calculations.

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